The Baer Family

Four beautiful kiddos and two adorable parents makes for a lot of photos. Let’s go.

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Erin, the gorgeous mom of this family, is a photographer herself. Each and every time we photograph a photographer we are seriously honored. These guys came to see us from Calgary on their way to their summer vacation spot. What a super fun way to kick things off!

These kids were an absolute blast to photograph. As you can see from the photos they each have such personalities!! 

I love photographing relationships, and so to get to shoot each parent with each kid was really wonderful. Seeing how they interact, how they snuggle, and how they laugh together is what I shoot for. It’s clear that these kids absolutely adore their parents. 

Rob always creates the most amazing portraits of kids. He usually photographs them when I’m taking pictures of the parents. It’s like having a handy babysitter built right in. :)

I’m always blown away by the honesty and openness he can capture. It’s not an easy thing to do with anybody, let alone rambunctious kids. And yet he always does it so beautifully. The large black and white portrait of the little boy near the end is a great example. That’s Oliver, and he wasn’t necessarily interested in photos. He wanted to explore and play for most of the session. I was working crazy hard to get him to enjoy sitting with everyone.

And yet, in just a few minutes, Rob ends up having a conversation with him, and capturing an amazing portrait. 

It’s so much fun to shoot as a team. We see things so differently. 

Huge thanks to the Baer family for letting us spend some time with you, and capture the incredible amount of love you guys share. It’s magic.

Lauren :)

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