Road Trippin' in the USA

Surprise! We went on a road trip!

We try to travel during the winter to get away from the cold (we’re big wimps when it comes to that!). More importantly, however, the trips are a time to shoot for ourselves, and have a chance to think about the year ahead.

This time around we flew into Las Vegas for a photography conference, then hopped in a car and spent 10 days on the road. We toured around Arizona and New Mexico, and still can’t believe how much we saw in such a short time. Here’s a little peek at some of the sights we took in.

The Hoover Dam. 


The Grand Canyon.

Tons of neat little detours like this “Rock Shop”.

Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

An Antique Gas Station Museum.

The Very Large Array.


Upload from March 07, 2012

Upload from March 07, 2012

White Sands National Monument.

Upload from March 07, 2012

Upload from March 07, 2012

(Note: While that wipe-out may look totally gnarly, it was actually the slowest, wimpiest tumble ever. Sledding on sand is not as thrilling as you’d guess!)

More cacti.


Upload from March 07, 2012

We saw tons of amazing stuff, and had some great adventures along the way. Now we have hundreds of photos to go through!

While the sights were incredible, I think what we both enjoyed the most was a chance to plan out what we want to do this year.  We have some big ideas for this site, so stay tuned! We’re really excited about 2012!!

Lauren :)

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