Sayler & The Kids

We love meeting amazing people. We love doing new things with our photography. And we love having fun. This session with Sayler and her kids was a perfect combination of all of those things!

When Sayler’s daughter contacted us to suggest a surprise photo shoot for her mom, we were excited. When she requested that it be styled like The Quick And The Dead, and held at Fort Edmonton Park, we got downright giddy. We knew we were in for some fun times. 

But we really had no clue just how much fun was in store for us. From the get-go Sayler had her guns a-blazin’, was doing drop-rolls in the dirt, jumping into horse enclosures, and keeping us all laughing every single moment. This is a shoot that we will remember for many, many years to come. Hope you enjoy a few of our favourite images!

Upload from May 15, 2012

Upload from May 15, 2012

Thank you guys for the amazing experience. You are all so wonderful, and it was truly our pleasure to take these photos for you!

Lots of love,

Lauren + Rob :) 

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