Introducing Lobster Island!


This spring we did something big and new and exciting and it’s finally ready to share!

We spent one month on Prince Edward Island on the east coast of Canada documenting lobster culture. We photographed a multi-generational family of fishers at work on the Atlantic ocean. We travelled to the Island’s many wharfs to document their quiet beauty and the work that takes place there when fishing crews return to shore. And we went inside community halls and homes to learn about Islanders’ love of lobster as a food and a way of life.  



Then we put everything online so you can get a look at one of our favourite places on earth! There are tons of photos, videos, stories and even some authentic Island recipes!

We also self-published our very first fine art book, that takes all the stories and photos, and creates an amazing viewing experience. We’re so proud to offer this piece for your bookshelf! 


So take a moment to check out Lobster Island, and experience the magic of Prince Edward Island. We hope you enjoy!

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