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laurenandrob200x.jpgWe’re Rob + Lauren, and we’re super excited that you’re here! We’re a portrait photography team from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We love shooting happy portraits of super fun people. Families, newborns, couples, and individual folks—we adore it all. 

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Family Portraits

Can’t believe I haven’t shared these images! This was the shoot that inspired our Aged Love project (which is currently on hold, but certainly not something we’ve forgotten about!). We got very caught up in shooting the “founders” of this amazing family, but had a blast with everyone else as well! Here are the images :)

For the record, we will pretty much shoot anything that catches our eye during a session. So often our clients find images like this in their collections. We simply can’t help it, we see beauty everywhere and just want to capture it! It’s a practice I’d highly recommend to any photographer. Never close your eyes to everything around you. 






 (He’s an airplane)






 My favourite portraits are those that show personality. That’s why I love this one :)



Jocelyn & Chris // Teaser

We have a LOT of fun when we shoot, and love to be silly and goofy, but at the bottom of it all we truly are honored every time someone chooses us to document their lives and their love. And this session was absolutely no different. I can’t wait to share more, but for now just a small teaser of a very fantastic evening we spent with Jocelyn and Chris. 


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Edmonton is finally nice and sunny, so we’re going to try to get off the computer and go and play outside! Fingers crossed :)

Lauren :)

Marcela, Arron & Ginger // Teaser

I just couldn’t help myself, and had to post this image from last night. The rest will have to wait until this wonderful couple get to see them all first, but I’m bursting with excitement to share! It was just a perfect storm with these guys, and I’m so in love with the results.

I present to you, Marcela, Arron and Ginger:


 More coming soon! Hope everyone is having an AWESOME Monday :)

Luke & Sacha // Portraits

Wow, can’t believe I haven’t shared these yet! This shoot was unbelievably fun, and, as far as we could tell, the first portrait session to take place inside the brand new (and totally awesome!) Art Gallery of Alberta!

Luke and Sacha are painfully cute. Here’s the proof.




















Thanks guys for the great evening, the great photos, and the great company!

Lauren :)


Just a portrait of my Roberoo today. Took this during a full day coaching session we had yesterday. It’s so great to spend a day connecting with another photographer, and talking about this art form that we dig so much!


By the way, we are getting a lot of people wondering about these coaching sessions, so check out this link for deets if you’re interested! Good times. 

Lauren :)

P.S. Right now I’m about to get cracking on a big announcement for tomorrow. Make sure to check back in :)

WiL & Matt Andersen // Concert

Last night we were lucky enough to attend an amazing concert with our friend, and fellow photographer, Bruce Clarke. He and his wife Sarah are two of the most vibrant people I know, and hanging out with them is always a great time. So, even though we had never heard of either musician we were going to see, we jumped at the chance!

Lucky for us, Bruce and Sarah have incredible taste in music. The concert featured WiL and Matt Andersen, two Canadian artists with unbelievable passion and energy. Watching them perform filled both of us up with excitement about our own art, and renewed belief that one should pursue what they love, and give all that they can. These two guys are clearly doing that, and the result is incredible music.

We were extra lucky in that Bruce was able to get permission for us to shoot the concert! Super cool. Music photography isn’t something we’ve ever really done, and it’s certainly tricky, but we had a blast, and got a few neat shots to share with you!

Rob really enjoyed the concept of shooting the people watching the concert. And it made for some neat shots! Can you spot anyone familiar in this one?


 Matt Andersen. He absolutely blew us away. His voice is just incredible. I mean, incredible. And that boy can rock out on his acoustic guitar! Such a thoroughly enjoyable performance. 


photo#photo_2886 And WiL. To put it succinctly, I’m now obsessed with his music. Been listening to it repeatedly ever since the concert. You should really check out his stuff, it’s on iTunes. 



Lauren :)

Another New Project for Us.

(First up, I want to apologize for neglecting this blog so badly! That will not be a trend that I intend to maintain, and will be posting regularly very soon! Rob and I were up to our eyeballs in this project and everything else was put on the side burner! But we’ve launched it, and are now attempting to restore balance and order in our universe :)

It seems like I say that we have a new project every month now. We just can’t seem to stop ourselves from trying out new things, and expanding our business & art in ways we never expected. Exhausting, stressful, but oh so fun! ;)

This latest project has really set a fire in us. It has to do with something we’re incredibly passionate about: education.

Being self-taught photographers ourselves, we know exactly how long it takes to learn the technical and artsy stuff about photography. Then how long it takes to learn how to start a photography business. And then, just when you think you’ve figured it all out, there’s the incredible amount of time it takes to learn how to run a successful photography business.  And the crazy thing? Learning those things NEVER stops. We learn more every day. And much of that learning comes from the many mistakes and misteps we’ve taken along the way. We really hope, through teaching, to help others avoid those mistakes!!

So what to do with all this passion for education? We’ve been holding Chill Sessions for the past few years, and have enjoyed sharing with some of the most wonderful photographers you could hope to meet. We also starting doing one-on-one coaching this year, and have been able to help a ton of great people! But it was all local. Not easy to share.


Enter Photography Concentrate. A new website dedicated to sharing real-world photography knowledge. We’re kicking it off with  a video tutorial all about RAW Processing in Lightroom. If you’re not using that program to do most of your processing, you’re missing out! It’s incredible. Even if you’re a hobbyist just starting to learn about processing, this tutorial will be awesome for you!

What’s really awesome is that this is just the beginning. We have a TON of things planned for that site over the coming months. So if you’re photographer (pro or passionate amateur!) we’d love for you to check it out!


There’s a second part to this announcement. And it’s a big one. One that I’ve been procrastinating writing for hours now. But I suppose I just need to jump in with both feet here.

Rob and I have made the very very difficult decision not to take any weddings for 2011. 

I could probably write a novel about the reasoning for that decision. But to really boil it down, we believe that life is best lived charging after your dreams. Our dream, from day one, has always been to become travel photographers. Weddings casually strolled into our lives, and before we knew it they completely took over. We couldn’t do near as much traveling as we’d like, since our schedule was determined a year and a half in advance! 

But there’s no need to belabour the reasons. Needless to say, we’re very sad that we won’t be getting to meet new brides and grooms, and share their wonderful journey with them, but we know we’re leaving the Edmonton wedding photography market in very capable hands. There are some wonderful shooters here :)

This doesn’t mean that things stop on this blog. Hardly! We have some wonderfully amazing weddings this year that we are just so excited about. And we are planning to really expand the portrait side of our work this year, so there will be a lot of images yet to come!

It’s going to be an interesting journey from here on out for us. We’re leaving a business we know very well, to pursue one that we know hardly anything about. But that’s never stopped us in the past, and it certainly won’t stop us now. It only takes a heart full of passion and the dedication to work relentlessly to make your dream a reality. That’s something we believe in absolutely.

So, I hope you’ll all join us on the adventure our lives are sure to become! We have been thinking BIG a lot recently, and have some wacky ideas for our future. It will be scary, for sure, but I have a feeling this new path will take us some incredible places.  

Tons of love, and truly, thank you for reading our blog.

Rob & Lauren :)

Luke & Sacha // Teaser

Man, I love shooting portraits. Today we got to go to the brand spanking new Art Gallery of Alberta, and take photos of two lovely people. Fun, laughter, and cool images: good day. 

I’d like to thank Rob for totally kicking my ass on this shoot. Both of these images are his. 

More to come! These are just a couple that I really wanted to edit right away. 




 Lauren :)

FotoJournal: Blogs for Photographers

Well, you may have heard us talking about FotoJournal for some time now, and wondered what the heck that was all about? Strap yourself in, cuz this here is an official announcement.

After over 1.5 years of insanely hard work, FotoJournal, a brand new blogging platform designed from the ground up specifically for photographers, has been released to the public


Now, the next question I’m sure you have, is “Why are Rob & Lauren announcing this? Did they make FotoJournal?”

Short answer: We were recently asked to join the two extremely talented guys who created FotoJournal and help them from a customer service/advisory capacity. They did all the heavy lifting (read: coding!), and built this platform from the ground up, we are just lucky to get to help them spread the word! 

Why are we telling you this? Well, even though it might be a bit boring, we very strongly believe in transparency in our business. For a long time we were always talking about how amazing FotoJournal is, and recommending it, since we got to use it from the beginning. We were just very happy customers, and wanted to share a great new product that we used. Now that we are officially part of the business, we of course have a vested interest in it, and want people to be aware of that. 

With all that being said, the reason we’re a part of this adventure is because we honestly believe FotoJournal is an incredible product, and has made our blogging lives so much easier. If you are a blogger, but don’t want to spend $2,000+ to have a nice looking blog, you should really check it out. It has a totally custom theme editor so that you can change the look of your blog without knowing any code. If you like to post lots of photos, but are sick of how difficult that is in all the existing blogging platforms, you should check it out. And hey, there’s a free account, so everyone should just check it out!! It honestly does make blogging slick, sexy and fun! Even if you’re a hobbyist photographer, this is a fantastic way for you to show off your work, and share it with friends and family. 

Head over here to sign up for free! http://myfotojournal.com

Here’s a little screenshot of me uploading some photos to blog. One of my favourite parts about FotoJournal? Once these are all done uploading, I can put them all neatly into a post with one click! Sweeeet! There are about a million other amazing things about it, but I’ll let you check it out to discover them all. 


Now, it’s Monday, so you might be bored and want the whole backstory. I’ll let you know how this whole thing came about, which is a pretty neat tale!

Back in 2007 Rob and I came up with the idea of The Wedding Travelers. We wanted to travel to India and shoot a couple weddings there. And we wanted to blog about it. We’d used Blogger, and then got fed up, switched to Wordpress, and were still frustrated. All of those platforms were built for normal bloggers, not photo bloggers, so trying to get lots of photos up there was taking way too long. We also wanted a custom blog, and had received quotes well over the $2,000 mark. That was simply way too much for us, especially since those blogs were still created with the old, non-photo centric blogging platforms. “There MUST be a better way!”, we lamented.

Enter Jon Smelquist. He and his then-fiancee-now-wife came in and met with us about wedding photography. We got chatting, and learned that he actually knew how to build blogs! Truly a fortuitous coincidence! We asked if he would make one for The Wedding Travelers, and he agreed!

He built the back end (the part you log into and do all the work from) from scratch, and we loved it. We talked a lot to him about the lack of affordable and easy-to-use solutions out there for photographers. We could either pay thousands to have someone custom build one for us, we could spend weeks trying to figure out how to customize it ourself in HTML and CSS, and ending up just pulling out all our hair, or we could just put up with the bloated and confusing solutions that existed.

He, and his good friend, Kyle Fox decided to do something about it. And so, in July of 2008, they began working on FotoJournal. The first iteration (0.1) was created, and installed for this blog you are reading right now! It’s fantastic, I’ve been using it for over a year now, and it speeds up my blogging tenfold. 

But it wasn’t awesome enough for them. So they kept working, because they really wanted to build something that would revolutionize the way photographers blog. The result, the one that you can now sign up for, is incredible, and I’m actually pretty jealous that I don’t get to use it with this blog, lol!

During this whole time, we would let them know what we liked about FJ, and what features would make our lives even easier. We were loving the product, and really enjoyed the fact that they would seriously listen to what we suggested. But the whole time, it was their baby.

Fast forward to a few months ago. Now that FotoJournal was getting closer and closer to launch, they decided that they would need some help, especially on the customer service side of things. So they asked us if we’d like to become an official part of FotoJournal! We were so honored, and so stoked. FotoJournal has really gotten people talking, especially in the web development world. It’s a very ambitious undertaking, and seriously the first of it’s kind. It’s also meticulously created, and beautifully designed. We’re extremely excited and lucky to get to be a part of it, and can’t wait to see where it goes!

So now, it’s launching today. We’re extremely proud of these two guys, and they deserve all the credit. FotoJournal is awesome because they care so much about making a great product. And we truly believe that they have succeeded! 

Well, that’s the story! It’s been a really different experience for us, since we don’t know anything at all about web development, but it’s been incredibly fun, and exciting. We honestly think that FotoJournal will be a game changer. If you don’t believe me, just go and check it out. 

Feel free to hit us up if you have any questions about FJ

Coaching Sale Extended!

Wow, it’s been a wonderful few weeks. We’ve had the opportunity to meet with some amazing people who just happen to be photographers as well. The response to our coaching offerings has been more than we had imagined it would be, and we feel very lucky to be able to share all we’ve learned, and help people to become the awesome photographers they can be! 

So, we’re very happy to announce that we will be extending our coaching sale through April. This is the perfect time to brush up on your skills, and get ready for a fantastic season of shooting!

For details on the sale check out this post.

Yesterday we got to go out and shoot during a half day consult. It was so fun making art out of the most unexpected places, and sharing a gorgeous evening with people who share our love of photography. Just wanted to share these two frames I took. 


Lauren :)