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laurenandrob200x.jpgWe’re Rob + Lauren, and we’re super excited that you’re here! We’re a portrait photography team from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We love shooting happy portraits of super fun people. Families, newborns, couples, and individual folks—we adore it all. 

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Jamie & Jon // Wedding Teaser Teaser

Ok, so this is a teaser for the teaser post! Right now we’re on our way out the door to do a shoot. Since Jamie is such a big blog fan, I’m assuming she’s been checking all morning, so I don’t want to keep her waiting all day! So here is one image to tease you, and then later today I’ll post a bunch more :)



 Lauren :)

Lauren // Moving Portrait

We go on bike rides sometimes just before it gets really dark. Its amazing how a short bike ride from our house can take us to a place where we feel like the only people in the world.

I feel like things are changing, that I’m beginning to see the world in a completely different way. I wonder how the details of the world have so easily passed me by until now. There is persistent, quiet beauty all around.


Lauren // Moving Portrait from Rob & Lauren on Vimeo.

Rob :)

Kingston // Moving Portrait & Newborn Session

Kingston doesn’t care too much for schedules. Even though the whole world had planned to meet him at the end of this month, he decided to come 4.5 weeks early!! There went our plans for a maternity session ;)

In the end though, we’d much rather meet this little man early. And I’m sure his parents are pretty happy to get to spend so much more time with him! You might recognize his gorgeous parents from this post, or even this one. They were one of our wedding couples from last year, and we were so excited to get to shoot them in this new and awesome point in their lives!!

Without further ado, Kingston’s Moving Portrait:


Kingston // Edmonton Newborn Moving Portrait from Rob & Lauren on Vimeo.

And his images from his newborn session.








 I believe Kingston was in the middle of showing us one of his yoga poses here… ;)




 Hope those brightened your Wednesday!!

Lauren :)

Adam // Moving Portrait & Newborn Session

Adam was a sleepy little guy. But he knew that we were waiting for him and finally peeked at us, and opened those gorgous eyes. I can’t believe how different shooting newborns is. It’s something we’re really really loving. I mean, Adam will literally never look the same as he does in these images. We just saw him again yesterday and he was already totally changed!

I hope you enjoy this Moving Portrait!

Adam // Edmonton Newborn Moving Portrait from Rob & Lauren on Vimeo.

And here are the images of Adam. What a gorgeous little guy.











 Adam’s sister Leah was so incredibly adorable we just had to sneak a few images of her while Adam was having a snack break.


 Love this one! What a poser.



Drop Rob a comment and let him know what you think of his latest Moving Portrait! I think he’s rockin’ them!!

Lauren :)

Sonal & Raj // Wedding Day Part I

Yep, the wedding day is so crazy huge that you’re getting it in parts. I’m seriously so excited to share all these images with you guys! Right now we’re spending a lot of our time indoors working on the computer, so I love getting to look at the ocean through these images :)

This wedding day was truly an adventure. We started off docking at St. Maarten. Sonal was SO excited!


 We then hopped on a bus and drove across the island. We were treated to some stunning views on our trip!


 Then it was time to hop on our private chartered boat.


 Goodbye St. Maarten!


Hello Anguilla! Anguilla was a nearby island that we all travelled to for the ceremony.


 And welcome to Cap Juluca, one of the most stunning resorts in the world. Trust me. You see this place in magazines like Condé Nast all the time!!


The rooms were so gorgeous.


And I loved this little detail. When in the Caribbean, you need some Pyrat Rum!




And those lucky boys got to get ready in this villa.









Raj’s jootis.


And one last peek at that stunning villa. Yes, this is the private swimming pool.


There is still so much more to come from this wedding day!! But I hope you enjoyed this little beginning.

Lauren :)

Shazma & Matt // Wedding Teaser

Wow. Where to begin? Our weekend was completely packed with Shazma and Matt time, and I don’t think we would have had it any other way! These two must be just exhausted today, because they were going even harder than us the whole time! They didn’t even get a chance to peek at the photos during the reception they were so busy, so I’m going to post a ton for them today!!

We started off with the mendhi on Friday. Shazma’s design looked just unbelievably amazing!



 Then it was time for the pithi. This design was created with coloured rice under Shazma’s chair.


Shazma’s friends and family fed her sweets, showered her with rose petals, and gave her good wishes for her marriage.


 Matt’s friends, on the other hand, did this to him….


 I think this may be my favourite groom portrait ever, lol!! Poor Matt, he smelled so terrible!! I think they got him with salad dressing, peas, sprinkles, pop, peanut butter, ketchup, whipped cream, jello powder, honey, and a bunch of other such things. But he was a good sport, and got to hug all his buddies at the end, so he got his revenge.


 Then the wedding day!! Shazma’s shoes were just beautiful.


Oh, and so was she :)


Love this ring shot Rob took. So simple but gorgeous.


 This was Shazma’s reaction when she looked out the window and saw Matt and his groomsmen waiting for the girls to arrive.


 We took this awesome bridal party around a parking lot downtown, and it was crazy fun!




Then it was Shazma & Matt time.








 When we were driving around scouting locations for these cuties, I said to Rob “Let’s do something EPIC for them”. Then we found this spot. And we did something epic.


And that’s not even the half of all the crazy fun we had with them! You’ll have to wait for the full wedding post for the rest. But trust me, much more to come on this blog this week!!

Shazma and Matt, you guys are amazing, thank you for such a fabulous weekend!

Tons o’ love,

Lauren & Rob  :)

Moving Portraits

Today I wanted to share another Moving Portrait with you, and chat a bit about the project, since we kind of just threw it out there without much discussion.

This is our loveable little cat, Scooter. Last time we traveled we had a photo of him on our laptop and looked at it every single day. Next time we go, this will be on our iPhone and we’ll be watching it all the time.


Scooter // Edmonton Pet Moving Portrait from Rob & Lauren on Vimeo.

So what exactly are these moving portraits, and how do we create them? If you’re a nerd-tographer like us, all we need to say is they were made with our 5DMKII, and you’ll understand. But if you’re not, then here’s a quick explanation.

Our still camera that we use to shoot our images can also produce high definition video. Essentially we have all the abilities in terms of the *look* of our images, but now with video. This isn’t something a Handicam from Best Buy can do. Trust me, we’ve been looking for this for over a year now! We’re able to create a very cinematic look to the video, and we’re absolutely loving that!

And we’re intending to create these for more than just newborn sessions, so if you’re interested in having us create a Moving Portrait for you, make sure to drop us a line and we’ll give you more details!

And finally, I just want to mention that as special as these Moving Portraits are, we strongly strongly believe that still photography is, and will always be, the core of our business. The video is beautiful, but still can’t do something like this:


 Have a wonderful evening everyone!

Lauren :)

Anita & Robin // Wedding Teaser

The more and more time we spent with Robin and Anita, the more we came to love them and their wonderfully sweet demeanor around each other. They are both fairly quiet, soft spoken individuals but as soon as we got them together shooting they just couldn’t stop smiling and laughing and just completely loving being with each other. I hope you enjoy these teaser images from their perfect wedding!

We were so excited to shoot at the Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples. It had such beautiful artwork all around, and stunning light.


The priest preparing for the ceremony.


Anita & Robin had their reception at the Hotel Selkirk in Fort Edmonton Park. What that means is that we get to use the park for photos, which always makes us incredibly excited! I mean, look at this place!!!


Robin has Metis heritage, so shooting around the teepees was definitely special for him!


If you look closely you can see all the poplar fluff in the air. The Fort was totally empty by this point, and it was completely quiet. The fluff was coming down like snow, and it was such a perfect moment! We were so happy to have been part of it all!


You can see the metis sash that Robin wore in this next photo. Once used to carry belongings, the sash now symbolizes pride and identifications for the Metis.


I hope you enjoyed those! Keep checking back in a lot in the next while since we have SO much to share with you guys!

Tons o’ love,

Lauren :)

Sam // Moving Portrait & Newborn Session

Wow. The past couple months have been such a busy time for us, prepping for the summer, coming up with new ideas, new projects, new products…It feels like we’ve finally started to actually DO all these things we were preparing for!

This is one of those things; what we will be calling Rob & Lauren // Moving Portraits. I’ll let you watch, and then explain afterwards. (P.S. You can click the arrows in the bottom right of the video to watch in full screen)

Sam - Edmonton Newborn Moving Portrait from Robert Lim on Vimeo.

Allow me to get a bit philosophical here. I really feel like Rob and I aren’t just photographers. Instead, we’re artists, and photography is our current medium of choice to express our vision. What inspires us is people, both individually as well as their interactions with others. Photography has been a wonderful way for us to capture these people we’ve worked with, but recently we’ve started to explore how small bits of video can add to our vision.

So we started with little Samantha. We took a lot of images that are beautiful captures of her and her tiny personality, but we also took video. That’s how we created that small little clip you just watched. And personally we feel like it captured things that the images just couldn’t quite get. Her yawns, the way she wiggled and kicked, the way her eyes just looked right into the camera. It’s a way to create a portrait of someone, and show who they are, even though the images are moving rather than still.

What does this all mean?? Well, this is the deal. The first five people to book a newborn session with us will receive a Moving Portrait for free. This can be used in combination with our current portrait session special, which would give you a crazy good deal!

Why newborns? Well, there is always somewhere to start, and this is where we will start. Literally at the beginning of life! Moving Portraits is a project of ours that is just beginning, and we will be exploring in all different forms, but for now this is what we’re up to. We also absolutely LOVED shooting a newborn, and can’t wait to start doing a lot more! So if you are expecting, or know someone who is, please get them in touch with us right away to take advantage of this completely unique product, because as far as I know, there is NO ONE else doing this quite like us :) But by now I’m sure you know how different we like to be!

Well, I won’t keep chatting on and on here. Enjoy these images of Sam, and I hope you’ll keep checking back in for more of our Moving Portraits! We have big plans for these :)


Usually babies this young spend most of the session sleeping (from what I’ve learned!) but Sam was wide awake, and giving us tons of great moments, like this adorable sneeze!





 And such expressions. I love this one!







 It might be just me and my crazy mind, but she totally looks like a boxer here!


Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of our new project!

Lauren :)

Laurie & Joe // Teaser

Since we were crazy busy today I wasn’t able to get these puppies up early, so I gave you a few extra ;)

Laurie and Joe had one of those perfect days. They were calm and relaxed, the weather was beautiful, everything ran smoothly, and they just really enjoyed themselves. We were so so so happy to have been a part of it all! They also happened to have one of the most awesome bridal parties EVER! We made those girls walk down a huge hill of gravel in their heels, and they never even hesitated, they were actually excited about it! To all of you, thanks for making our day awesome.



 Haha, I LOVE shots like this next one of the boys. Joe is poking his best man in the cheek. I have no idea why, but I think it’s hilarious!





Now if you happen to follow me on Twitter or am my Facebook friend you would have gotten a sneaky peeky of this image a day early! Yes, it does pay to be our online friend!!


Joe has ups.


Aren’t they just the cutest. Yum.


Fav ring shot EVER!!! Yay!


Hahahaha, love this garter toss shot.


And the resultant melee, such good times!


Laurie and Joe, I hope you know that you’re the best. Ditto to your awesome bridal party! Hugs to you all! And hugs to our readers, thanks for waiting for this one!


Ceremony at the Edmonton Christian Community Church

Reception at the Westin Edmonton

Lauren :)