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laurenandrob200x.jpgWe’re Rob + Lauren, and we’re super excited that you’re here! We’re a portrait photography team from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We love shooting happy portraits of super fun people. Families, newborns, couples, and individual folks—we adore it all. 

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Sonal & Raj | E-Session II

Happy Friday everyone!

Got a few pretty pictures to share with you today. You’ll be seeing more of these two in a just a couple weeks, and when you do, it’s going to BLOW YOUR MIND. I’m giving you fair warning. Prepare yourselves :)








 Haha, Raj was glad to finally be done all these engagement photos. He’s only got about 100 more hours to go with wedding photos!


 Happy early Valentine’s day everyone!

Lauren :)

Brittany & Terrance | TTD

I think we need a cooler name for our “Trash the Dress” sessions. We definitely don’t go out with the intention of trashing anything, and the dresses are always just fine afterwards! It’s just so awesome to have all the time we want to create some spectacular images, without worrying about getting a bit of dust on ourselves :)

Anyway, we were so thrilled when Brittany and Terrance wanted even more awesome photos after their wedding. We took them to one of our favorite places in the city, and had some fun. 

 We had timed it perfectly to get the most amazing light.






 These guys are way too much fun!








 I adore this shot. You can just *feel it*.


 Believe it or not, we’re actually only a couple weeks away from our very first wedding of 2009! Wow! There is so much crazy stuff going on for us in the next month, we can’t wait to share it all!

Lauren :)

A few from Phoenix

Hello Everyone!

I just realized today how poor a blogging team we are (read: Rob never blogs!). That wouldn’t normally be such a problem but it seems like a lot of people are reading our blog lately and I feel guilty not providing some fresh content;)

Here are a few photos we took in Phoenix of the fabulous wedding photographer duo, Jana and David, who make up Wink Photography. They’re from Vancouver, so it was awesome to get to pick their brains a bit about our plan to move to there. We’re really enjoying making new friends in Vancouver, the support from local photographers there has been unbelievable and we can’t wait to meet more people!




They were a lot of fun to shoot and we can’t wait to meet up with them again!



Rob & Lauren take on NAIT/PPOC

Well, I just got the go ahead so I’m really excited to post this here!

We are now confirmed speakers for the Professional Photographers of Canada Annual NAIT Seminar. It’s a two day seminar on March 14 & 15 that features the incredible Jesh De Rox, as well as yours truly.

I’m going to tell you right now that if you are a photographer, you would be flat out insane not to go to see Jesh talk. The cost for non-PPOC members is only $175 for two full days including lunch. You will never find a more fantastic opportunity to hear this amazing person speak. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have had the chance to spend some time with him on a couple occasions, and he is such an inspiration. I’m going to say it again: you are INSANE if you don’t take up this opportunity. To all the local photographers who read this blog, just know that once the international photography community finds out about this seminar they will be mad with jealousy.

Plus, you will get to see us all awkward and nervous as we present our first ever seminar! That’s gotta have some entertainment value :)

Seriously though, we’re really excited to have this opportunity and have got some great ideas of what we’re going to share. It should be an amazing two days and we can’t wait to see you all there!

Here is a link to the PDF that you need to fill out and send off. Get this done right away because I have a feeling this is going to fill up crazy fast.

Leave us a comment if you sign up so we can make sure to look for you!

Lauren :)

NOTE: The email address was written incorrectly on the PDF so make sure you send it to this one: es [at] ppoc-alberta [dot] ca. If you sent it to the old address, without the dash, make sure to resend so you don’t miss out!

Shelly & Colin | Last Wedding of 2008

So here it finally is: the very last wedding of 2008. And what a wedding it was! Even though it was a bit chilly, all the girls were able to stick it out and we got some amazing images.

Since I haven’t blogged in a while, and since this is the very last wedding of the year, I’m hooking you up with a TON of images. Something to keep you busy over the long weekend (it’s this week, right? I don’t know, whatever :)

Shelly is half-Korean and this is the first time I have seen traditional Korean dresses. I thought they were the coolest thing ever!


 These two were so cute during their ceremony at St. Joseph’s Basilica.


I love how Shelly’s dad watched on. This church always has such amazing light.


Then some super fun portraits at The Royal Alberta Museum. Only downside: fighting for a cool spot! With this many big strong guys people in our group we were able to hold our ground quite easily :)


Love love love this one.


I have NO clue what happened here, but I love the result. Just a bunch of gorgeous gals having some fun together, exactly what a bridal party should be.





Man, we had so much fun! Even though it was super chilly and we had to spend some extra time Photoshopping out goose-bumps. Totally worth it to play around with these awesome folks!


The whole bridal party followed Shelly’s example and got a little silly.


Then it was time to sneak off with just Shelly and Colin. I have to say that these are some of our favorite bride and groom portraits of the year. I think you’ll see why.









And finally it was time for the reception at the Crowne Plaza. The decorations were amazing.



I ADORE this ring shot!!! How cute is this?



The best man’s speech was truly the funniest thing I have ever heard. I was crying with laughter. I love Shelly and her sister’s reaction here.


Colin thought it was kinda humorous as well :)


Isn’t this just the cutest first dance photo ever?


Here’s a GREAT sequence. First Shelly get’s Colin with the cake.


Then she takes off!


She hides in the corner…


And he whips the cake at her!!! Hilarious!!!


Here are some shots of their very fun dance party.





Tequila-face photos are the best.



And then, to finish up the night, Shelly enjoyed a nice shot of traditional Newfoundland Screech.



Haha, I just don’t have any words for this one.


And so ends the wedding season of 2008! But don’t worry, I still have a TON of portrait sessions to share with you, and in less than a month we begin 2009 with a Caribbean cruise wedding. Yes, for real. You best prepare yourselves because those images are just going to set a whole new bar of awesomeness.

Have a great weekend all!

Lauren :)

Chelsea & Kevin | Couples Session

Happy Monday everyone! This morning I experienced three of my least favorite things: waking up early, the cold, and driving during rush hour. Uck. So I went back to bed :)

So here’s a late afternoon post for you! Hopefully these nice warm images can warm up all those who are in chilly locales.

Hanging out with Chelsea and Kevin was so much fun, I just adore getting to know new people in one of the most fun ways! Photoshoot!








 We are now starting to book for portrait shoots this year, so give us a shout and let’s go have some fun!

Lauren :)

Take more photos.

This morning we received an email from a past bride of ours. Needless to say, we were both incredibly moved by what she wrote, and I asked her if I could share it. Here’s the email:

Hello you three crazy cats! I can barely keep up with you two, what with all the blogging, and pictures, and travelling and e-sessions and whatever else you guys get yourselves into! Where do you find the time?!
Anyways I wanted to drop your guys a line and say thank you again- there was one picture you had taken at my wedding of my Gramps sitting down and looking out the doors before the ceremony.  Well, he passed away late December and that is the picture that my Grams wanted blown up and put beside the sign in book, and also the one used for the memorial cards. So not only do you create memories for weddings, you also have the amazing ability to capture a moment, an essence of someone so beautifully, that it goes on living after they have gone, and brings joy to those who see it. Seriously, thank you so much for doing what you do, and keep on doing it.”

This is why we spend all our time doing what we do. Our friends and family will know most keenly how much we have sacrificed of our personal lives to do this job. I don’t think many people know that, but we really spend most of our time working. But when it creates something this special, it’s absolutely and totally worth it.

I’m sharing this story with you because I want to issue a challenge to you all. Rumor has it that this is a long weekend? Maybe? I don’t know. Either way, I’m sure you’ll find yourself spending the next couple of days with loved ones. Take out your camera, and create some real images of them. Not just the posed, “Look here and smile” ones. Take shots of them doing what makes you love them. Laughing, smiling, reading, cooking, playing video games…Anything at all. Believe me when I say that down the road those photos will mean more to you than you will ever imagine. It doesn’t matter how great your camera is, that’s certainly no excuse at all to not take photos. It’s going to sound corny, but love doesn’t care about megapixels or L-glass.

And if you’re a photographer, your challenge is to take photos of you WITH your loved ones. We recently heard a talk by a great photographer named David Williams, and he really hit home about how important it is to take photos with those you love. Photographers find themselves consistently missing from their family photos, since they are behind the camera. Use your tripod, set up a timer, ask a friend to take the shot. Just go out and take some beautiful shots this weekend. You never know how much time you have left to get them.

Here’s the photo that inspired this post:photo#photo_1595

 With love,

Lauren :)

Back from Phoenix


That’s about all I can say to sum up the DWF convention we just got back from. We’re absolutely on information overload, and will be spending the next few days processing it all. It is pretty certain though that this year we’re going to be able to improve our business in so many ways!

Just wanted to throw a couple quick edits your way until we can post a bunch more of the shots we took. These are of our new BFF John Edgar. He works with a little company called Still Motion. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? If you’re in the wedding photo biz, it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t. We found quite the challenge in John, as he hates having his photo taken, but I adore these two shots of him.



 And one from Rob


 More coming soon! I promise!

Lauren :)

E-mail troubles!

I know we mentioned in an earlier post that we would be responding to e-mails while away at this weeks conference, unfortunately we’ve run into some difficulties that I’m trying to work out today. For some reason we can receive e-mails but we cant reply to any of them. If you’ve e-mailed us in the past couples days please be patient as we try to work these problems out and respond :) Have an awesome day!


I thought I would start this blog post off with the weather at home a few days ago…


 Then for a change of climate, the landscape in Phoenix…




 Finally, a shot of my sweets!


 The DWF conference is just getting started but it’s been a blast so far.

P.S. Lauren is sporting my new medium format toy camera, I’ll post some shots from it when I get them developed!