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laurenandrob200x.jpgWe’re Rob + Lauren, and we’re super excited that you’re here! We’re a portrait photography team from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We love shooting happy portraits of super fun people. Families, newborns, couples, and individual folks—we adore it all. 

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Off we go!

Well, our flight for Phoenix leaves in only a few hours now, and then we’ll be attending the Digital Wedding Forum Conference. We’ve got our bags all packed up, our warm weather clothes ready to go, and are intensely excited about everything we’re going to learn. Just wait until you get to see all the great new ideas we’ll be bringing home! I can’t tell you how great this year is going to be!

We’ll be gone for 5 days, but will still be answering emails while away (though it might take a bit longer than usual). To our clients, feel free to email us if there is anything. We won’t be able to take phone calls, but if it’s urgent mark your email with “Urgent” and we’ll get back to you within the day.

And to our blog readers, don’t worry! There is still lots of new stuff to keep you occupied through the long boring workdays!

  • First off, there is some fun new content on this blog! Have you checked out the Resources pages? For Clients we have some links to great local vendors. And for Photographers, Rob has been working on tons of great information, so make sure to check those out! We will always be updating those pages when we find new and cool stuff, so keep an eye on those.
  • We also have some neat new stuff on the About Us page. Cool photos, and links to all our social media networking pages. Ever wondered what we listen to while we work? Believe it or not, you can easily find out from that page.
  • Rob created an awesome new Facebook Page for our business yesterday. You can become a fan, and if you’re a client you can even leave a review! We’ll be updating it with new photos that won’t even be seen on the blog! You need to go RIGHT NOW and join!
  • And have you noticed our brand new portfolio website? I think there are photos on there that have never been on the blog before as well, so DEFINITELY check that out.

Finally, we still have a ton of great photos to be posted on this blog. For now, I’m going to give you teasers from a bunch of sessions that still need to be posted. Enjoy!









And keep the comments coming guys! I can’t tell you how much we love to read them :)

Lauren :)

A New Year, a new blog, a new website, a new direction!


A few months after Lauren and I started dating we took off for a month and backpacked around Europe. We spent a lot of our time on a few Greek islands. The above photo was taken on a gorgeous little island called Naxos. Lauren and I rented a scooter (not of the cat variety) and spent our days riding from one beach to another. Deserted sandy beaches, the most breathtaking winding mountain roads, and olives you could eat off the tree (even if they weren’t ripe yet). When I look at this photo it makes me realize how far we’ve come in the past 4 years personally and professionally. It also makes me realize that we’re really just getting started!

This year marks a big turning point for us. We’re going to be providing an even higher level of service for our lovely clients, our range of fantastic products will be expanding significantly, and we’ll also be taking on a wider variety of awesome photography projects. I can’t wait to share with you the exciting new things we’ve got planned! Stay tuned for updates!

Lauren and I have also made the decision that we would like to move to Vancouver within the next couple of years. For 2010 we’ll be offering the same rate on wedding collections whether your wedding is in Vancouver or Edmonton. If you’re interested in having us shoot your 2010 Vancouver or Edmonton wedding then please feel free to get in touch with us!

We still have a limited number of spots open for 2009 weddings so get in touch with us as soon as possible if you’re interested!

Finally, if you’ve just started following us, now is a great time to bookmark / subscribe to this blog! This year is going to be filled with more posts, more videos, more weddings, and more awesome portraits than you could shake a stick at. It’s going to be mind blowing. Trust me.

New Years Lights

On New Years Eve we braved the frigid cold with some friends to check out the fireworks in Churchill Square. Rob loves shooting abstracts with light, so here are a couple pretty sweet ones he took!

First, just a regular shot of the fireworks. For the photogs wanting the settings: 5D MK II, 50mm, f3.2, 3200 ISO, 1/160s


 Then Rob’s abstracts.



 We also have some sweet video from the night, but you gotta be patient for that :)

Lauren :)

A few notes:

Hey all!

So I have a few little notes to throw at y’all today. Strap in and let’s go!

  • To all the couples who just got engaged over the holidays: CONGRATS! We still have a few spots open for 2009 so make sure to give us a shout right away. This year is going to be full of new and amazing treats for our clients, so if you’d like to be one of them let’s chat!
  • Rob and I are off to the Digital Wedding Forum Convention in Phoenix next week! Exciting! Not only are we thrilled to be escaping the -30 degree weather, we’re also really looking forward to meeting a lot of new photographer friends. If you’re going make sure to drop us a line so we can meet up!
  • To our beloved clients, and potential clients, we will have internet access while in Phoenix, so feel free to contact us.

And the most exciting news: the new Rob & Lauren brand will be launching this upcoming Monday, January 5th! The new blog is being carefully set up as we speak, the new logo is prepped, and we’re ready to roll. This marks the beginning of a new focus in our business, and we are so excited. Make sure to drop in on Monday to see what we’re up to!

And since it’s always fun to look at some pictures, I’ll leave you with these two Rob took yesterday. He and another photog friend bundled up and set off in search of some cool shots. A few hours and some thoroughly frozen toes later, they succeeded. Here are a couple for you to peek at. I’m sure Rob will post some more once he’s gone through them all!




Lauren :)

Allison & James | Wedding

First off, a very happy New Year goes out to all our readers! Last year at this time we were madly preparing for our trip to India, and had very little time to reflect on the previous year, and dream about the next. But right now we’re just taking it easy, and thinking about how things will go next year, and couldn’t be more excited. A quick thank you to you all for following us this past year, and I hope you stick around for all the crazy awesome stuff to come!

Today I’m hooking you up with one of our last weddings of 2008. I enjoy every wedding we shoot, and always come away with so many new favorite images. James and Allison’s wedding was like an apex in that sense. The day just ran so smoothly, so perfectly, so amazingly and we came away with some photos that I know will grace our website, and likely our walls. There is just such a tangible connection between these two, and they both smile so fully and truly, and the resulting photos are simply *real*. I really hope you enjoy them.




 I’ll let you in on a little secret. My very favorite photos of anyone are ones of them laughing. It’s such an honest emotion and seems to really let you know what a person is like. Allison laughed about 95% of the day, and so you’ll see many photos of her laughing. I love them.





 These are all the Australians who came across the world to see these two get married. James is from Australia, and clearly has some very loving friends and family. Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie!









 This one may very well need to be a huge canvas.



 The food at the Union Bank Inn never fails to impress.



James’ father also knows how to laugh.



I adore the look between Allison and her brother during his speech.



Love the light on this one Rob took of James’ father.



Fact: Australians know how to party.




Allison and James, thank you for the laughs, the fun times, the book recommendations, and for sharing such a wonderful day with us.

To our readers, I hope you enjoyed these photos, and have a wonderful evening filled with fun and friends!

Lauren :)

We're back!!

Did you even know we were gone? Probably not, eh?

Anyway, we just got home this evening from 3 wonderful days in Banff with my family. Tons of fun had, hundreds of photos, and many stories to share.

That will be coming soon enough! But now I’m heading to bed. Here’s one photo to tease you!


Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday! We had such a relaxing few days, but believe it or not I’m excited to get back to work tomorrow!

Lauren :)

Jamie & Jon | E-session

Hey all!

Wow, it’s about time I got some new photos up here, hey? The past couple weeks have been busy here, getting ready for the holidays, delivering tons of awesome albums and prints, and working on the new Rob & Lauren look! So apologies for the lack of posting, but there is still tons of great stuff to come.

Today you get to see a really stellar engagement session we shot with the wonderful Jamie & Jon. These two are so much fun, and Jon is truly a kid at heart. Since we are as well, it results in lots of silliness. I love silliness.





 Tickle fights are ALWAYS my idea. Rob says he hates being tickled….but he secretly loves it. Just like Jamie.


 It’s so wonderful seeing all these amazing fall colours right now, since we’re totally covered in snow today. Ah, I miss the days of fall.




 Jon got some serious height!


 I think this photo proves he won. But Jamie did give a valient effort!


 Love these ones Rob secretly snapped as we were just chatting after the session.



 I think from these photos you can tell that their wedding next year is going to be full of fun and love. It should be amazing!

Lauren :)

P.S. Tomorrow is our 4 year anniversary, yay! We are planning a HD movie marathon. Any good recommendations?

Cans for Comments | Final Tally!

Hey all!

First off we just want to thank you guys for participating in our Cans for Comments event. So many amazing photographers from across North America hopped on board, and I’m sure all the Food Banks will be very pleased :)

So we wound up with 41 comments. Pretty good! But we decided to throw an extra bit on there and Rob went off to the grocery store with $67 to buy a bunch of food. We took a peek at the Edmonton Food Bank website (which was actually designed by our cool friends over at LiFT!) and made of list of all the things they need most. If you’re planning on donating to the food bank this holiday season I highly recommend doing that!

Off Rob went, and he filled up a shopping cart with all sorts of good stuff. As our local grocery store is pretty strict on no photo allowed all he could manage to sneak was an iPhone photo of the bounty.


 And once he was outside the near -40 degree temperature was definitely preventing him from getting any other shots! 

But there you have it. A bunch of food successfully donated, thanks to our wonderful blog readers. I hope some of you decide to go out and add some food in there. This is the time of year when it’s most needed. And with the insanely cold temperatures Edmonton is feeling lately, I think everyone could use a hand right now.

I’ll be posting a bunch more weddings and portraits really soon. But for now a little teaser for you.

Come early January the entire Rob & Lauren brand is getting an overhaul. A new logo, a new website, a new blog design, new cards, new letterhead….I could go on and on about all the things I need to design, but there you have it! I hope you guys are excited. I think our photography has really taken on a style of it’s own and it’s time our branding reflected that!

So keep checking in, and one day the blog will just be totally different! Then will come tons of new content, resources, tidbits about us. Basically it’s going to be amazing :)

Lauren :)


I just recieved a very sweet email from Erin in the States. She wanted to share some information about how to best give to the Food Bank! Here’s an excerpt. Give it a read, and then go and donate!

Here in the states regional food banks are able to purchase food items at 10% WHOLESALE cost from manufacturers and then distribute at no cost to each individual pantry.   This means that by making a monetary donation to a food bank your charitable dollar actually goes 20x further by giving money instead of product.  I know it’s not as exciting as going to the store to get real food to drop off and it seems more impersonal, but in the long run I think the banks benefit more from cash.  Keep the food items coming, too, though.  Every donation, whatever form it may be, is welcomed and put to use.  If you would be so kind as to put this in your comments it would be much appreciated.  With the economy as it is here we have several more people seeking food pantry services and fewer people donating.  The bank I work for may actually run out of food before January.  That’s never happened to us before.  I just want to get the word out.  Thank you and keep warm!”

Thanks so much for sharing that information Erin! Next time they are definitely getting cash from Rob & Lauren :)

Keep the comments coming!

Hey everyone! Keep those comments coming! We have a couple more days in our Cans for Comments event. So I wanna see a ton more comments, especially from all my friends who I KNOW check this blog every day, and haven’t commented yet!

Here are a couple gorgeous shots Rob took the other day to get you inspired. These two are currently our desktop images, since I liked them so much! Hope you enjoy :)



 Lauren :)

Cans for Comments

A ton of great photographers have decided to give back this year in a really fun way. They’ve started something called “Cans for Comments”. It’s simple. For every comment someone leaves on our blog we will donate one can of food to the Edmonton Food Bank. We’ll run it from now until Friday, December 12 (my birthday, yay!)

So go ahead and comment here, go back through our archives and leave some nice comments anywhere. And then hit up all these other sweet blogs, see some awesome photos, and leave comments! It’s fun and for a great cause!

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And apparently there are tons and tons more photographers taking part every day! Check out Chris + Lynn’s blog for the ever growing list!

Now get commenting!


Ok, since Kate asked for a photo here’s a photo! From the next wedding to be blogged. Just wait till you see the rest of this one!


Lauren :)