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laurenandrob200x.jpgWe’re Rob + Lauren, and we’re super excited that you’re here! We’re a portrait photography team from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We love shooting happy portraits of super fun people. Families, newborns, couples, and individual folks—we adore it all. 

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Michelle & Ashim | Wedding

So here we go! The really awesome Western/Hindu hybrid wedding!

Funny story, actually. Rob and I moved into a new house last year, and needed to find a new dentist nearby. We picked the dental office about 3 minutes from our house and scheduled checkups. Rob’s was first, so I stayed home and was working while he was at the dentist. Then I got a text from him saying “The dentist is getting married. Are we free for this date?”

Turns out Rob got to talking about what we do and Ashim, our dentist, was looking for a photographer! Next thing you know, we’re chatting with the dental office receptionist at Ashim’s wedding! Too crazy.

Anyway, the wedding celebrations started off with a mendhi for Michelle. As she isn’t Indian, it was WAY more low key than usual with only a handful of close friends showing up, rather than a jam packed house. It was nice to enjoy the process in a bit of a quieter setting :) I was able to offer some advice as well, since none of the girls had mendhi done before, and I’ve seen it roughly a billion times now!

One photo request that we are ALWAYS happy to do is incorporating beloved pets into the shots. Michelle wanted some shots of their adorable dog, and during the mendhi was the only time we’d be able to! The puppy really wanted to play with us and get some belly rubs more than she wanted to take photos, but she sat still for a few :)

The result! Can you spot Ashim’s initials in there?

Now for the wedding day! Ashim was looking super good.

And Michelle’s dress was just stunning. It was the perfect choice for their hybrid wedding, as it was like a traditional dress with some Indian-esque flair!

I LOVE the light and feel of this one. Just getting ready to get into the car to see Ashim.

We did their photos before the ceremony and ran around the University of Alberta campus having all sorts of fun.

Trippy! But SO COOL.

Here’s a shot of Ashim’s amazing Jaguar and I bet this is one of his favorite photos of the day! So cool.

The ceremony was held at the Coast Edmonton East Hotel in Sherwood Park (that’s a mouthful!) which is a great spot for Hindu weddings. They are all set up to handle the fire ceremony, letting us get cool shots like this!

Michelle and Ashim take their walk around the fire.

The knot that symbolizes their connection.

Possibly one of the most unique and personal favours we’ve seen this year! Toothbrushes (remember Ashim is a dentist!) with the couple’s name and date on them!

The decorations and flowers were beautiful.

And such cool rings! They had Sanskrit inscribed on their matching bands.

The dancing is always a blast, and some guests were really getting into it!

There you have it! Hope you all enjoyed!

Lauren :)

Rob's New Skateboard

Every since we got our totally awesome longboard we’ve been getting into the whole “skateboarding scene”. Sure we’re in our 20’s and 5 year old kids totally school us, but it’s quite fun.

Rob decided that he wanted to get a regular skateboard to start doing tricks on. He waited ever so patiently for a week or so while it came in the mail, and when the doorbell rang today he hauled ass downstairs to get his new toy!

Of course we went right outside, Rob in his helmet and me with the camera. Here are a few quick shots!

You KNOW any skateboard with a panda on it is pretty much the best thing ever.

Side by side comparison of our longboard and the new skateboard.

It’s a whole different board to ride, but Rob was able to nearly do a nice ollie. Lots of practice still needed.

Coming up tomorrow, a super awesome Western/Indian hybrid wedding, woo woo!

Lauren :)

P.S. We’re super close to the next winner of the comment contest, so share your thoughts and win free stuff!

Sarah & Jon | Wedding

Hey folks. Allow me to wax philsophical for a bit here.

One of the greatest surprises this job has handed us in the past couple years is the amazing ability it has to introduce us people we would have never met before. It constantly reminds us of how very very small the world is, and how everyone is connected in ways they couldn’t imagine (at our Chill Session there were countless moments when one member would realize that they knew another member through so-and-so, etc. etc.)

Now I’m not so much one for belief in destiny or fate. But every so often something happens that makes us stop and wonder. On more than one occasion we seem to meet the exact person we need to meet at the perfect time. For instance, we just recently got our rough grade certificate for our home so that we could start landscaping. Probably a mere week before that we sat down with a really cute couple to chat about their wedding, and the groom-to-be just happened to own his own landscaping company. Well, I’ll just say we have the most awesome landscaping on the street and can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year ;)

Sarah and Jon are exactly the kind of people I’m talking about.

Way back when we first started our photography business we had a Valentine’s Special for couples photography. An old classmate of mine from high school contacted us and we did a couples session with her and her boyfriend. He was really into photography and we had a great time chatting about cameras and lenses. But they had to run off right after because they were on their way to an engagement party for his brother.

Fast forward perhaps a year. Sarah and Jon waltz into our meeting room to talk about their wedding. They were the ones that engagement party was for! As we got to talking we realized not only was one of Sarah’s bridesmaids another classmate of mine from junior high, but Jon’s brother (one of the groomsmen) was indeed the fellow from the couples session.

Now that sort of connection is actually fairly common with us. People seem to talk a lot about who did their photography, and we get a lot of great referrals. But this story doesn’t end there.

That was just about the time when Rob and I were thinking of creating The Wedding Travelers. But we knew that we needed more than a Wordpress blog. We needed something custom. We had looked into custom blog companies, but they were crazy expensive. We still hadn’t decided what to do.

It came up in the meeting that Jon was a web developer who just happened to have finished up work on a website for a local (and very very well known) photographer. When we learned that he had a hand in creating what was widely known as one of the most unique wedding photography websites at the time, we were so impressed!

Then we found out his speciality is actually coding for blogs.

This is where it’s sort of hard to believe that nothing like fate exists. Here is the perfect person to help us with our project, at the perfect time, and it certainly helps that the two of them are also crazy fun and awesome!

Anyway, to wrap up a very long story, Jon and his friend Kyle made our Wedding Travelers blog, and from there they decided to create the service that everyone is buzzing about: Fotojournal.

Now we chat with these kids almost every day, we’re hanging out with them tonight, shared a lovely dinner a couple weeks ago, and are looking forward to wine night soon at Jon & Sarah’s! It’s been such a great adventure befriending these two, and we can’t wait to see where we all go next! I hear they are thinking of moving into our neighborhood, and I know we’d have some killer block parties!!

Question: have I EVER had that much pre-amble for wedding photos before? Nope, I don’t think so. But these kids deserved it. Without any more ado, let’s get to some awesome pictures of their beautiful wedding day!

Sarah’s gorgeous dress. I love this neat perspective.

Her reaction when seeing her makeup! Love it!

Meanwhile Rob was with the boys getting shots of Jon doing his hair. If only they knew how long it takes the girls to do the same thing :P

Love the light on this shot. Jon’s looking pretty good as well :)

Usually we post a shot of the bride’s shoes, but this time let’s see the groom’s!

Haha, cat attack!

Their ceremony was probably on one of the hottest days of the summer! It was held at the gorgeous Hastings Lake Gardens, and the resident puppy, Winston, was all decked out for the occasion.

I LOVE these flowers. How amazing do they look! And they managed to withstand the scorching heat as well!

An adorable moment between Sarah and her dad just before going down the aisle.

The ceremony was so beautiful and emotional.

And then it was some time for a few quick photos around Hastings Lake! I present to you, the amazing levitating groomsmen!

And the ladies had to get in on the jumping actions as well!

Here they all are looking stunning. Except Jon, giving us his silly blue steel face. I’d say there are roughly 200 photos from the day of him throwing this at us. It made sorting the photos tons of fun!

Pure. Romance. Honestly.

They were looking simply gorgeous that day.

And were total troopers. Imagine us telling them to go into a greenhouse on the hottest day of the year! They gave us a look, but they managed to stay in there to let us get some great shots!

Jon actually designed the cake! Right on, dude!

Rob managed to steal them away from the reception for a couple minutes to make use of some gorgeous evening light. We sure are glad he did!

The ceremony was at the fabulous Union Bank Inn, one of our fav places!

Hahahaha! Jon sure got a lot of icing in the face, but he was a good sport, and said it tasted really good!

And one last one to finish it off. How cool is this?? Sarah wanted to throw her bouquet off the balcony, so here she is waving to everyone just before it goes!

Well, I hope you all didn’t mind my extra long and sappy entry today. I figured I haven’t posted in a few days, so I better put a bit more effort in!

Jon and Sarah, you guys rock. I’m just saying.

Lauren :)

Twitter anyone?

So I’m not sure how many of our lovely blog readers know that I actually mini-blog nearly every day! True story!

It’s not here on this rock-tacular blog, but actually on a little thing called Twitter.

Like all interweb things it is slowly becoming more and more popular with Twitterers like Barack Obama and Britney Spears jumping on board.

But it’s fun and a quick way to keep up on what our friends are doing. And I actually update it almost every day! So if you are wanting more Rob & Lauren follow us here! Just become one of our followers and join the party train!

Lauren :)

Chill Session!

Woo woo! So today we had our Chill Session and it was totally awesome. I still don’t know if I’ll be able to talk tomorrow, but wow is it great to talk to so many other photographers and see their reactions when we put something in a new light for them.

It was a long day and there was so much talking and learning that I’m sure Rob and I will be totally zonked out tomorrow morning, but 100% worth it. We’re already getting some amazingly sweet emails from participants and we’re so glad they enjoyed themselves! 3 awesome girls even came from Calgary!!!

During our Chill Session we had a live shoot to show everyone how we interact with our couples and choose shooting spots. We had AMAZING models (who have never done this before, by the way) who did a unbelievable job even with 18 photographers shooting them! I really wanted to share some shots of them because it was so fun and we got some really great emotion from them.

And one really cool shot of all the participants:

Thanks to everyone for coming and a huge thanks to Greg and Carole for being our awesome models!!! Can’t wait to see the shots from everyone else!

Lauren :)

Nicole & Steve | E-Session

So I’m posting under duress. That’s right, the threats are starting to come in and it’s about time I got back into a good blogging rhythm! Right now I have a list of all the things I still need to blog. Wow, it’s long! But now that the weddings are done, and we’re nearly finished up with our portrait shoots, I’m going to have a lot more time to share all the wonderful stuff we did this summer!

Here is a very fun e-session with did with Nicole and Steve approximately 10 years ago.

How cool is this?? Every once in a while Edmonton surprises us with some really awesome architecture.

I LOVE the way she’s looking at him.

Now this shot is epic. Nicole actually got it printed to display at the wedding. She loved that it looks like he’s smacking her on the head! But no models were harmed in the making of this shot :)

This may be one of my favorite e-session images of the year. So fun!


It was such a wonderful evening, and we got some really nice light.

And one last one of these cutie pies! Just wait until you see how awesome their wedding day was!!

So tomorrow Rob and I are having a spa day to celebrate the end of the season!!! We’re pretty excited about that. What do you guys do to relax after a big week/project/season?

Lauren :)

Vote for us!

So we e-know (as in, we know her through the internet) this really cool blogger in Vancouver. Her blog is called Mostly Lisa and she blogs about all sorts of neat geek/photography/interweb stuff.

Anyway, she is having a contest for the best “Summertime” photo and one of our shots is in the top 8!

The shot that is in the running is this awesome one from Stefanie and Josh’s portrait session. It was such a perfect summer night to shoot with these two (and their adorable puppy, Parker)!

Anyway, we’d love for our blog readers to head on over to Lisa’s blog and vote for us! That is, of course, if you think our shot is the best one :)

Go HERE and add a comment to vote for your favorite shot! Ours is called “Summer Ride” by the way :)

Cheers guys, and hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Ours was marked with our very last wedding OF THE YEAR! Woo!

I’ll post again with some awesome photos. But for now go and vote and make us e-famous!

Lauren :)

Before & After

Gonna throw another Before and After at you today. This one is from a shoot we did with the awesome dudes at Fotojournal (the makers of this blog). They are getting close to releasing Fotojournal to the masses and needed some awesome shots for their website.

We took them out to a field and played a bit off off-camera lighting. Here’s a before of one of the shots:

And here’s the after. Note: I didn’t just “press a button” and this happened! I worked on this image for quite a while to get it looking this spiffy! But you can see just how much you can improve an image with a bit of work and knowledge of the lovely thing we call Photoshop :)

You will definitely be seeing more from this shoot soon. Until then, go and sign up to get on the list for a Fotojournal blog! It will make you love blogging.

Lauren :)


I’m not one for random philosophical posts (this is Rob!) but today when I was editing some photos this photo of Sara just grabbed me and I had to share it with you. I feel so lucky that we’re able to share and capture such beautiful moments.

Leslie & Mark | Wedding

Wow, it has been about a year since I have blogged! Sorry everyone, things here in Rob & Lauren land have been just crazy! In the past 8 days we have done 7 shoots with 7 groups of awesome people. Believe me, I’ll probably be blogging well up to Christmas with all the great stuff I still need to put up!

But I’m coming back from my hiatus in a big way. This wedding was truly one of the funnest (yes, funnest) that we have ever had. We don’t usually spend a ton of time at receptions, since once the dance gets going only a few people usually get out and boogie. With Leslie and Mark I think we were at their reception for 6 hours, and even when we left there was all sorts of crazy dancing going on! We had to pull ourselves away from it all!

So here we go, a crazy fun wedding with Leslie and Mark:

Starting with a few gorgeous details. Leslie’s cute and unique wedding dress.

The bridal flip flops. Honestly SO COOL!

And the gorgeous bouquet.

We had a bit of time to spare in the morning so we did a few portraits with her family. Here she is with her bodyguards/brothers.

And all the pretty ladies! LOVE the black and hot pink.

The groomsmen also got up to some silliness. Now this has been quite a popular pose this year, but since Rob and I don’t watch TV with commercials we don’t really know what it’s all about. Was there a commercial where people were doing this? Something to do with Captain Morgan? I don’t know, but all the groomsmen at a ton of weddings kept doing it, so we took photos :)

Then they got up to some silliness of a more adult nature. This is a very manly way to drink your shots, by the way.

But amidst all the fun a wedding did indeed happen! And a gorgeous one at that. Here is Leslie and her dad waiting to go down the aisle.

And Leslie laughing it up during the ceremony.

Then it was time to have some fun with portraits. Check out this epic one of the bridal party!

I might wager that these were the most fun groomsmen of the year….

And the ladies were up for anything, and totally hot.

Check out the gorgeous flowers!

These boys weren’t sure what to do with their hands….

Look at the cuteness!

We always find a million awesome places to shoot at Fort Edmonton Park.

This horse was all up in their grill. Leslie named him Stampy.

One of my favorite jumping shots EVER.

This is Mark.

This is Leslie.

And this is what happens when you put them together ;)

Yep, Rob took this shot. And yep, it’s killer.

They had their reception at the hangar at Fort Ed, and the decoration was just awesome.

But what was the awesomest was the entrance of their MC. I don’t know if anything will ever top it.

This is what she rolled up in.

Look closely and you can see their custom bride and groom bibs!

The MCs second outfit.

And her third. The guests decided to take the huge glasses from the centerpieces and put them to good use!

Mark is an Irish boy, and there were a ton of guests that came from Ireland to the wedding. So it was only fitting to treat them to some Irish dancing!

Then the first dance. They really had a lot of fun with it, and it was just such a memorable scene.

We put the ice on some ice. BAM!

Rock it out, Leslie. Rock it out.

And something else that I will never forget. At the end of the night they realised they had forgotten to cut the cake, so Leslie said “Let’s karate chop it!” and I said “YEAH!” and so they did.

I told you I was coming back in a big way. This was such an amazing wedding, pure Mark and Leslie to the core, and huge amounts of fun. I kinda wish I could rewind the clock and just experience it all over again! But I guess that’s what the photos are for, right? ;)

Anyway, I’ll be coming back and blogging more often now. So keep tuning in for so much more!

Lauren :)

P.S. Our Chill Session has booked up already! Hooray! We’re going to have such a stellar time with a great group of photographers! Thanks to everyone who signed up!