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laurenandrob200x.jpgWe’re Rob + Lauren, and we’re super excited that you’re here! We’re a portrait photography team from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We love shooting happy portraits of super fun people. Families, newborns, couples, and individual folks—we adore it all. 

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Beer Butt Chicken: A Preview

For Father’s Day this year we had a nice little dinner at my parents house. It gave us a chance to try out a recipe we’ve been excited to experiment with. It’s a little something called Beer Butt Chicken!

How awesome is that? It’s a really simple thing to make, and we’ll actually do a little video of how to make it, just for fun, in a little while. But until then here are some photos! Look at that thing getting all roasty in the oven! Yum!

Finished product. Tastiness.

OH NO! It’s a Beer Butt Chicken!!!!!

My sister, Stephanie, is sad. Beer Butt Chicken is just too much for her to handle.

Up tomorrow, the very scrumptious e-session of Gerryl and Juan, our free wedding winners! Yay!

Lauren :)

Close encounters

I opened the door the other day and this little (huge!) fella just about flew into our house. After it landed (and I stopped panicking like a little girl) I looked at it through the window and decided I needed to photograph it!

I expected to maybe get in one shot but it stood still long enough for me to grab the macro.

I’ve never seen a dragon fly so close before and I can’t believe how intricate and obviously unique it’s wings are. It’s interesting how what initially frightens us can turn out to be startlingly beautiful.

In other news we just saw The Dark Knight last night and it rocked our socks off. Heath Ledger (The Joker) totally stole the show. Hope you enjoy your Saturday.

Angeline & Dean | Wedding

Here we go team! Some wedding pictures comin’ your way. Prep yourselves……and let’s go!

Angeline started the day at the very lovely Dolce Soleil Salon and Spa. We were given some pretty awesome clouds to work with.

She looks so ready to get married.

And here’s a twist. Usually I spend a hours with the ladies getting ready and Rob and the guys hang around doing nothing, until they spend about 5 minutes getting ready. Well this time Dean decided he wanted to spend the time doing some fun photos. He was so excited and so full of ideas, it was awesome. They started off at the Gretzky Statue in from of Rexall Place. Dean’s a big sports guy, so this was important to him.

What an awesome shot hey?

At the same time I was having some fun with Angeline’s dress and her little puppy, Maddy. What a well behaved little pup!

I love hanging out with puppies and kittens in the morning. It always makes things so fun and relaxed. Angie had to got a shot with her baby.

And the guys kept up the awesomeness. They headed over the Muttart Conservatory to get some really insane shots.

Ok. The definition of awesome. The boys, crazy clouds, reflections, pyramids, and the Edmonton skyline.

Rob is always so excited after it rains because he loves to play with reflections.

Does this shot not bring a tear to your eye??? Maddy the puppy watches mom off to get married.

Angeline and Dean decided to be incredible and do their photos before the ceremony (any planner will tell you that this is the best way to go, so your guests don’t have to wait hours between the ceremony and reception!). We like to do a little “first look” moment, so you still get that anticipation and surprise! How incredibly sweet is this shot of Angeline getting a good look at Dean for the first time that day.

We made good use of the blossoms at the Royal Alberta Museum. This shot is just pure romance and tenderness.

It takes a real man to hold a bouquet.

What a cool bridal party.

We LOVED playing with the totem pole in the grounds of the museum. These two look so amazing together don’t they?

Ok, the BEST EVER. This is the very first time a bride has ever thrown up bunny fingers during a photo shoot. You rock Angeline. You rock.


Gorgeous flowers.

When we did a quick scout of the museum grounds a couple days earlier we saw this really awesome wall. We HAD to use it for an awesome shot.

And a little bit of fun on a nearby bridge.

The greenery around the grounds was just gorgeous in the spring.

Haha! I mentioned how funny it would be for Angeline to sit in the statues lap, and she just jumped right up there! We have the best flients ever.

Classically gorgeous. No question about it.

And Dean looks flat out awesome as well.

Dean’s son, Jordy, had the ladies all over him. What can I say? He’s a stud.

What an awesome bridal party. Wait, did I already say that?

Cute shoes and socks!

One last cute little shot of these two. I couldn’t resist.

Angeline had the greatest entrance EVER!

What a great view of the ceremony. It was held at the ever-beautiful Derrick Golf and Winter Club.

It is shots like this one of Dean while Angeline says her vows that just make me adore being a wedding photographer. I just can’t say anything, that photo says it all.

Dean’s son during the ceremony.

Bagpipers at weddings are so cool.


A very beautiful first dance.

Haha, the VERY LAST shot we took that day!

And a couple behind the scenes! Rob looking all cool in the pink flowers.

Me and the awesome bridal party. Wait, did I already say that?


Angeline and Dean, you guys are the bomb. Thanks for taking such good care of us! Moments before she drove up to the ceremony in the golf cart, Angeline was getting all worried. Not because she was about to get married. But because she was concerned that we hadn’t gotten a chance to eat!!! What a great, wonderful gal.

So we’re off tonight for some Thai food and Batman. Woot! We’ll post some fun stuff this weekend, and then continue on with the awesome e-sessions and weddings during the week!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of these ones!

Lauren :)

Angeline & Dean | E-Session

Here we go. We’re getting into our wedding season in Edmonton. There’s a lot to catch up on, but as you can see we’ve been blogging EVERY SINGLE DAY so there’s tons of fun coming your way really soon.

Way back in the day we met up with Angeline and Dean at the University of Alberta to take some wicked fun engagement photos.

Ok, so Angeline works for Starbucks doing awesome stuff. That means that both of these guys are totally addicted to the ‘Bucks. Dean pretty much couldn’t put his down! But it worked out well for us. Rob learned of a new type of drink that he really likes. It’s a Double Tall, SFV, NF, ICED, Latte. That’s how Angeline wrote it down for us, haha! More shorthand than weddings!

Anyway, we had to incorporate the coffee into a shot.

I’m gonna throw two names at you, and just wait for your head to explode. Helen Hunt and Richard Gere. BAM!

Such cool stuff going on at the U of A.

These guys were such naturals, it was a blast.

We LOVE finding little pockets of colour to shoot our sessions with. This spot was killer.

Yummy blue.

Oh, and why not throw some huge ass coloured dots into the mix! All sorts of fun!

Yeah. That’s awesome.

I LOVE how snuggly they are here.

Angeline is such a goof.

They brought it like there was no tomorrow.

On the menu for tomorrow, their super fun wedding!!! See you then!

Lauren :)

A little over a week!

We’ll it’s been about a week and a half since we started this new blog and the response has been great! Thanks for all the wonderful comments and compliments. Since the first post Lauren and I have definitely checked this blog an unhealthy amount, but we really enjoy reading the comments and visiting other photographers websites. Thanks also for filling out that poll earlier, it certainly helps us gain a better understanding of who our blog readers are. There’s a TON more to come so stay tuned!

Thought I would just throw up a quick self portrait. Lauren will probably do a more full post later today but since I don’t blog much I thought I would throw in a few words. Thanks again for stopping by!


Reasons why Jennette and Reilly are awesome...

So last night when I posted up J&R’s TTD I was SO TIRED. I’ve been suffering a cold the past couple days, and it has really wiped me out. Thus the very noticeable lack of text in that last post.

But you didn’t think you’d get away without me saying something nice about Jennette and Reilly, did you? You know how things roll on this blog! We love our flients (friends/clients) and want everyone to know!

Jennette and Reilly’s engagement session was shot in Edmonton about a week after we returned from India. So we were a little nervous about figuring out how to interact with people again in the same way. But these two, from the moment we met with them, were incredible.

So we know Mexico was going to be off the hook. And it was. It was so funny because we were often asked by the other wedding guests if we were friends of J&R. And we know that they are wondering if we were old friends who just happened to be photographers as well. Which we weren’t, since we met them online as clients. But we still had to say yes, because J&R truly made us feel like friends!

I wanted to share a few fun little shots of the very very kind gifts they gave us when we got back home!

Anyone who gets Scooter a gift DEFINITELY gets to be on the blog. For serious. :) Here he is enjoying his new pillow that can be heated up in the microwave to keep him nice and snuggly.

And for the humans in the house, they got us insanely cool and unique bowls for our noodles. By the way, we LOVE noodles. These ones are the best.

J&R, you guys are awesome. So awesome we could just slurp you up.

So yeah, that’s all sorts of funness. Jennette and Reilly, we heart you forever.

Jennette & Reilly in Mexico! Part 5

So here we are. We finally made it to the long anticipated Trash The Dress session of Jennette and Reilly. We all gave ourselves the day after the wedding to rest and recouperate. Then, on the morning that Rob and I flew back to Edmonton we got up at sunrise to start the shooting. Believe me when I say that we REALLY aren’t morning people. We are generally up around 10:00AM. So to get up at 5:00AM was tough, but if there was anyone we’d do it for, it would definitely be J&R. They are just so gosh-darned awesome.

I won’t say much as these photos do the talking. But basically a TTD session is just a time when we don’t worry whether or not the dress gets dirty (in this case it actually got cleaner. Go figure!), and just take whatever shots we want. We don’t set out to deliberately trash the dress, we just want to shoot with total freedom.

For the record, this is a great way to get some wedding photos even a few years after your wedding! And Edmonton has a ton of opportunity, even though there’s no sand :)

Here are those photos I mentioned. Put on your seatbelt because these ones will take you on quite the ride!

And a few cool behind the scenes shots of us!

And so ends our photos from Mexico! I hope you guys enjoyed them, and are ready to get on to more and more awesomeness with us!

Lauren :)

A day off...

Today we took some much needed time off. After a couple weddings last weekend and a couple weddings this weekend we needed to recharge our batteries a bit! This past Wednesday was my best friend’s birthday (his name is Steve, the fabled third member of our first photography company, 3 point photography). Since we weren’t able to meet up for his birthday we played a little tennis today, and roasted some weenies over a fire. We also got up to a little bit of fun on the trampoline…

The man of the hour. Mr. Steve.

Where’s the parachute?

I would love to do a shot like this with a guy in a business suit…

Lauren busts it out.

Steve and I teach Lauren how to do a backflip. She was actually able to sort of land the first one. I’m pretty sure next time she’ll be able to do it without our help!

Our good friend, Rosina, from highschool was in town and dropped by.

This would be such an awesome couples shot, if any of our current brides or grooms have some tumbling skills then please let us know so we can do an awesome trampoline session with you.

Steve’s brother Kurt. I think he said that he was trying to do some yoga move.

Rosina took us for a ride in her new Infiniti GS-37s. Holy cows what a beautiful car!

Rosina had to make the drive back to Fort Mac tonight so she left a bit early.

I wasn’t sure if i was still able to do a backflip on the ground. When Steve gives me some encouragement it’s easy to believe I’ve still got it. (The tennis and yoga we’ve been doing probably helps a bit)

This shot was actually taken in New Zealand four or five years ago when I was in a lot better shape! When I got back from traveling I made this picture my blogger profile pic and Lauren stumbled upon it. She thought it was an interesting picture and left a comment on my blog, I sent her an e-mail and the rest is history. It’s cool that she was able to take the above picture of me!

On an unrelated more photography related note I just thought I would share one thing with you guys!

At every wedding we try to do a little reception slideshow of some of the days pictures so that guests can see some shots of the bride and groom getting ready as well as shots of photos of the afternoon. These slideshows have become super popular at all our weddings and guests will often come up to us and say they wish they had gotten us to shoot their wedding when they got married.

I just want to put out a huge open invitation for people to keep in mind that anniversary photography is a great idea! Keep getting photography done throughout your relationship and as you start a family, it’s such a fantastic way to showcase the growth of you two as a couple. We’ve got a couple great family and baby shoots ready to blog and once you see them you’ll definitely know what I mean! So if you’ve been meaning to do this, there is no better time than the present! Run to our contact form (run, don’t walk) and give us a shout!


You can tease your hair, and you can also tease your blog readers....

Hey all!

So here we are, on the wonderful Sunday. Sunday is usually such a great day for us, because it’s the day after shooting a wedding and we just get to relax a little bit.

As you may know, we had two weddings this past weekend. And the weekend before. So we are totally wiped out today! I woke up with my voice almost gone from all the talking and joking and whatnot. I’m trying to down a lot of green tea with honey before a meeting we have in 40 minutes!

But anyway, I’m going to get totally crazy and tease you today with one shot from yesterday. Our regular scheduling will continue tomorrow as we romp through Mexico, then a ton of amazing weddings from Edmonton.

Here’s a little taste of what you have to look forward over the next few weeks!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

Lauren :)

Ok, so I fibbed.

It’s just past midnight here, and we just got home from a wedding. The crazy bit is, that in just 12 short hours we have another wedding! There’s tons of time to sleep, prep and generally get pumped up and excited. But not enough time for a blog post about J&R’s wicked awesome TTD (Trash The Dress) session.

So here’s a photo of the world’s cutest cat (as voted by like, everyone).

I know it’s might not be what you were hoping for, but hey, this is life. Sometimes life means you get a photo of a cat instead of two people frolicking in the Mexican waters. I’m pretty sure I’ve read that somewhere before…

Those J&R photos will come soon. Until then, go enjoy your Saturday, play some tennis, drink some lemonade, or, if you’re cool like us, go to a wedding :)

Lauren :)