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Upload from July 14, 2011

laurenandrob200x.jpgWe’re Rob + Lauren, and we’re super excited that you’re here! We’re a portrait photography team from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We love shooting happy portraits of super fun people. Families, newborns, couples, and individual folks—we adore it all. 

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Katherine & Chad // Wedding

Starting this wedding post off with something a bit different. Rob created these two images while waiting for Katherine to get into her dress. He always is shooting whatever is around him, and it gives such interesting diversity for our clients. They sometimes wind up with the work Rob created on their wedding day mixed in with their wedding photos! 


And then back to regularly scheduled wedding photos. :)



She knit that. 


And then finished it up on her wedding day.


First look. They haven’t seen each other yet. Adorable.








They are so naturally elegant together. Grabbed this next frame completely candidly, and all credit goes to them for being so stunning. 


Ceremony at the Winspear


Stunning decoration by  Julianne of A Modern Proposal


I love how expressive hands can be. Love love love.


That natural elegance I was talking about? Some of it might come from the fact that they are incredible ballroom dancers. 



Painfully delicious cupcakes from the talented folks at Whimsical Cake Studio.


The first dance. 


And their reaction after an incredible performance that they have been preparing for for ages. Love. 


Chad had some incredible dance shoes, definitely had to showcase them here. 



And finally, the rings. These are fingerprint rings, so Chad’s ring has Katherine’s fingerprint, and vice versa. 


As I’m sure you can tell, this was an incredible day. Katherine and Chad chose some of Edmonton’s most photogenic locations, and we were in heaven. From making a scene at the Art Gallery (I mean, who wouldn’t stop at stare at these two strolling around the gorgeous building?) to dancing in the deserted lobby of the Winspear, it was pure magic. 

Katherine is deeply into knitting (notice her tattoo?) and created the most stunning shawl I’ve ever seen in my life. She was always reluctant to try to add up the hours that went into it, but it was literally months of work. It was all worth it though, because on her wedding day she was wearing a work of art. The dedication that goes into something like that is unreal. Major respect, Katherine. Major.

And Chad, what can I say about that guy. Completely and utterly genuine, and one of the kindest people I’ve met. That guy had me laughing all day, and then managed to make me cry, which doesn’t happen that often at weddings. I really really love when people are able to just be themselves, and let their emotion show. From the million watt smiles, to the touching moments where he was just so filled with love for his new wife, it was so much fun to photograph him.

Together, they are the definition of adorable, as I hope the photos show! We were so lucky to be there and photograph such a stunning event, and be treated to so much kindness from them, their family and their friends. Thank you guys for such a wonderful day!

Fall Sessions // Promo

Well, it’s that time of year! As much as you might want to plug your ears, close your eyes real tight, and sing “Tralalala”, you can’t escape the fact that we’re over half way through the summer. Gasp!

That means for us we’re looking towards the fall and getting booked up for the last few outdoor sessions of the year! 

And just so it’s not such a hard pill to swallow, we’re having a sweet promo! Yay! Ready?

Book a portrait session with Rob & Lauren this fall (September & a wee bit of October) and you’ll receive one complimentary set of Notecards!

Note: We only have a handful of slots left, so contact us right away if you’re interested in some super fun custom artwork and we’ll hit you up with more details!

What are Notecards?” you are asking (I know because I can hear you…). Let me show and tell you!

First up, what’s your favourite thing to see in the mailbox when you check it? It’s certainly not bills (yuck). It’s a piece of personal, handwritten mail! We want to encourage a return to handwritten notes to let your friends and family know you’re thinking of them! What would be a more wonderful and thoughtful little gesture? 

Well, if you had a gorgeous Notecard with stunning images of yourself on it, that would be extra cool! We’ve been creating custom Notecards for our clients for a while now, and wanted to share how nifty they are! Check out these two recent designs:

Birth Announcements A beautiful way to announce the arrival of a new addition!



Family Notecards These bad boys are perfect for any occasion! We can also add a holiday flair and you’re all set for the best holiday cards ever!



So, we think those are pretty snazzy, and all sessions for the fall will be getting a complimentary set to show off their beautiful new photos! Cool, right? Not cool enough, we want to have a bigger promo than just that….

Moving Portraits

You’ve likely seen all of Rob’s stunning Moving Portraits he’s been posting lately. We really feel that they capture something a bit more than stills alone, and have been loving creating these unique pieces for our clients. To sweeten the deal….

All Moving Portraits are 50% off for new fall sessions!!!!

I know, we spoil you guys. That’s ok, we just love shooting, and want to make sure we can connect with as many wonderful people before the snow hits!

Here are a couple recent Moving Portraits to jog your memory:



If that all sounds pretty neat to you, and you’d like to get more details, or set up a portrait session, just drop us a line and we’ll chat!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day, fingers crossed that the sun decides to return in force to Edmonton! 

Lauren :)

The Perfect Storm


I suspect that we won’t see too many sessions quite like this one in our lifetime. The light we were treated to was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. Combine that with an incredible couple, and a meaningful and inspiring location, and we found ourselves with the perfect storm of portrait sessions. Can’t wait to share more of this one, but, well, it’s late! Night night!

Campus Community Garden // Moving Portrait

On Saturday we packed up our cameras, but not for a wedding! Instead we made our way to the Campus Community Garden near the University of Alberta. They were having an open house and we were covering it for them. More and more we are realizing the great importance of becoming involved in our community, and giving back as much as we can. This was a perfect opportunity to use our skills for an absolutely wonderful organization.

Today I’ll show you Rob’s Moving Portrait of the event. It’s lovely :) Photos to come! And if you’re looking for a way to learn more about gardening, or just get outside and enjoy the rest of the summer, the Community Garden is a beautiful and very productive way to do just that! I can tell you first hand that the veggies that come out of here are absolutely delicious!! 


Helen // Grad Portraits














Helen just graduated from Business School, high fives to her! It’s a serious accomplishment, and she wanted to celebrate that with some photos that were a bit more fun than the standard offerings. We were down with that, and excited to work together to create something unique for her! 

When we showed up on the evening of the shoot it was stormy. Real stormy. We stood there, wondering what to do. Rob spotted a girl with a froggy umbrella and remarked, “Wouldn’t it be cool if that was her umbrella?”. It was. Ask her one day how she got that umbrella, it’s a good story :)

The rain started as soon as she walked up to us, but her smile never once faltered. She was pumped and ready to shoot! We were nervous because, well, there was no light! But Helen was up for anything, and so were we. Strolling around we managed to find a ton of great spots, had a blast, and shared some great conversation.  Then just near the end of the shoot the clouds cleared for a wonderful 20 minute window to allow us a bit of time to shoot outside. Thanks weather!

Helen is probably one of the most kind, warm, thoughtful, and drop-dead gorgeous people I have ever met. You just can’t help but smile constantly around her. We were so lucky to get to capture her at this exciting time in her life. This girl is going places, I know it for a fact, so watch out world!!

Sandaluk Family // Summer Night

Upload from July 05, 2011

Upload from July 05, 2011



















Edmonton has a pretty short shooting season compared to a lot of the world. There are only a good 5 solid months of warmth, and then it’s right back into needing jackets and mittens. So, as a photographer, a warm summer night filled with golden light is absolute perfection. As we get so few of them, there’s nothing we’d rather be doing on such an evening than shooting with wonderful people. 

The Sandaluks are really a perfect little family. And I don’t mean perfect in the sense that the kids never get upset, or fed up with us and our cameras, but rather the way they play together, interact with each other, and make each other work. If you know what I mean :)

Rob and I are really just beginning to shoot families, as our summers have always been packed with weddings. This session just filled us with so much energy that we can’t wait to do so many more! Rob has a way with kids that I’m really just realizing, and it’s incredible to watch. They really connect with him, and the images he takes of them are…well….magical. He was tasked with a moving portrait this session, so I didn’t expect any stills from him. When I was looking through the images after the session I was floored. He gets a perspective of children that’s, in my eyes, very real. I really can’t wait to see more of his work!

Hope you enjoyed these! And make sure to get out and enjoy every single summer night, we don’t have too many left :)

Lauren :)

Sandaluk Family // Moving Portrait

Just wanted to share Rob’s most recent Moving Portrait with you all this morning! There is more to come from this session with one of the world’s most adorable families, but for now, enjoy :)


Kevin, Cherie & Tegan // Newborn

It has been such a fantastic experience knowing and photographing Kevin & Cherie! If you’re a long time blog reader you might recognize their wedding that we shot in 2008. And if you’re a total champ, you’ll recognize them from their portrait session in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from The Wedding Travelers!

Well, they just entered the next amazing stage in their adventure together, and that was welcoming a third member to their team. Her name is Tegan and she’s incredible. Spending a morning with these three was relaxing, engaging, and energizing (even though we had to take a nap afterwards, as we usually do with newborn session, haha!) We are so excited to share the results! 

First up, I have to show you the Moving Portrait that Rob created for them. We really find that stills can’t fully capture the nuances of a newborn, and that these Moving Portraits show so much more. Hope you enjoy!

And now for the images from the session!








Tegan gave us a few smiles during our session, and they were truly heart melting. Look at that little grin!











Lots of love,

Lauren :)

Shirmee & Sunil // Wedding

Yowza, never before has 12 hours flown by so fast! This wedding was jam packed of visual treats and emotion and we were so lucky to come along for the ride! I’ve been prepping images all morning and at this point I think I’m just going to jump right in and share them!

It’s been a while since we’ve shot an Indian wedding, and as soon as I was immersed in all the vibrant colours and heard the energetic music I felt a very strong longing to go back to India. It’s been over 2 years since we traveled there, and I still think about it constantly. 

First up, some beautiful beautiful details from the wedding ceremony.



Love this moment. Shirmee’s family was getting her ready, and with the heavily adorned clothing she’s wearing that can require a pretty firm hand. Her hair was pulled awkwardly, and yet she managed to look absolutely graceful and beautiful in her reaction. I suspect it was due to excessive happiness that day :)


Meanwhile, Sunil and his family make their joyous procession to the temple. His sister is in the front there, and one of my favourite things about Indian clothing is the way the light plays off of it. Notice the small little specks of light all over her as the sun reflects off all the jewels in her sari. Love all the emotion in this one! You can even peek Sunil in the back, on the left, above everyone as he rides in on a horse.


Then it was time for the ceremony. These two didn’t stop peeking and smiling at each other the whole time. I loved it!


They make offerings to agni, the sacred fire. 


One of the priests of the Bhartiya Mandir watching the ceremony.



And right after they are announced husband and wife. Total happiness.


The smiles just never stopped. Their bridal party was SO much fun, and we had a blast playing around with them.


And watch out, because this is the baddest group of bocce ball players you’ve ever come across. 


Yep, we played a few rounds of bocce during the photos! And it was a blast. Shirmee gave it a go, but based on the reaction of her bridesmaid I don’t think this shot was too successful.


Sunil was totally focused for his attempt. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough, as in the end the girls took it, 2 games to 1. 


Then portrait time! Hooray!






Her mendhi was absolutely incredible and so intricate.



And I’ll finish off with a few peeks at the reception. The decor was so incredible.


Shirmee and Sunil are a couple with a lot of rivalries. If you remember their engagement photos, they are Starbucks and Tim Hortons. Well, they are also the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames. I loved how they playfully incorporated it into their wedding day!


And a final shot of Sunil’s mom showing off some great dance moves!


Well, this is just a tiny peek at the incredible day we spent with them! Shirmee and Sunil, thank you so much for including us in your celebration. It was a blast and a half!!

Lauren :)

Klyment & Leanna // Teaser

Still working on these, but I played with this image for quite a while this evening, and really wanted to share! Can’t wait to tell you more about these super cool people, but for now I hope you enjoy!