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laurenandrob200x.jpgWe’re Rob + Lauren, and we’re super excited that you’re here! We’re a portrait photography team from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We love shooting happy portraits of super fun people. Families, newborns, couples, and individual folks—we adore it all. 

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Erik, Lindsey & Fergus // Portraits

It’s always so much fun to shoot other photographers. I’m not sure what precisely makes it so enjoyable for us, perhaps the knowledge that they will just “get” what we’re doing. Whatever it is, we’re also very honored and excited to get to create portraits of other creatives!

Erik is a wedding photographer here in Edmonton, and when he asked us to spend some time shooting his little family we were thrilled. Here are the results for your Friday afternoon enjoyment: Erik, Lindsey, and Fergus.














Of note, the square black and white images were taken by Rob with a Holga

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

Lauren :)

Suzanne & Merv // Teaser

Well, this was a very special wedding for us. On Saturday Rob’s mom was married to an absolutely wonderful guy, and we captured the whole thing! It was certainly an intense experience, being so involved in the day, and socializing so much! Very exhausting! But absolutely worth it. Hope you enjoy these little teaser images! :)

Suzanne’s mom helping her with her nails in the morning. Adorable.


Recognize these two good lookin’ folks? And the crazy awesome cat? They sure seem like cool people….


This is Toby. He’s actually a lion in a cat’s body. 


And this is Merv. 


He has killer taste in shoes. Check those out!


Helping his brother with his boutonniere.


They clean up well.


Rob, his sister, and the gorgeous bride. Happy family photo!





Rob’s sister is pregnant, so what better opportunity to grab a couple quick portraits of her and her hubby? I swear, you put a couple in front of me, and a camera in my hand, and I can’t help but shoot!


Merv really knows how to pose. This was all him. Props, Merv. Props. 


They were just so darn happy. 


It was required by law that we show this photo absolutely huge. 





They look so absolutely and utterly fantastic in this image. True happiness with these two.


And gotta give a huge shout out to Merv’s niece, and our new step-cousin, Danita! If you’re an Edmonton bride, you’ll have heard of her company, A Chair to Remember. They’re kind of a big deal. She did a smashing job and made the reception look incredible. Next time someone asks me for a chair cover/linens recommendation I can honestly say “I have this cousin….” ;)




And I just had to put this one in. Rob’s adorable grandma, who is from Montreal, sang “La Vie en Rose” to the couple. Cute to a factor of 100. 


First dance. 


And a couple behind-the-scenes shots of us doing our thang.


Well, this is actually just Rob taking of photo of himself. Not behind-the-scenes. My bad. He just looks so darn cute I had to post it!


Lauren :)

One Website To Rule Them All

Today I am announcing a new website. (Click here if you just wanna see it, and skip my ramblings :)

Yes. It’s ridiculous.

If you’ve followed us for a while you’ll know that I seem to make that announcement every couple of months. Rob and I just have a lot of things we love to do! We love to create portraits, travel, teach, shoot personal work, we adore being involved in FotoJournal, and we just don’t want to give any of those things up! The result is that there are a LOT of websites that our work is now spread across.

We’re cool with things being that way, to separate what we do both in the web and in our minds, but I think it’s been hard for anyone just finding us to know what we’re about.

So Rob gave me a task. Create a portal. (You can call it a splash page, I’m going to call it a portal because it sounds mystical). I have a small amount of HTML and CSS knowledge, and have been learning a little bit here and there over the past year, but have never made a full website with them.

Well, I gave myself the job to do it over the weekend. I spent some time brainstorming, made a design in Photoshop, then yesterday I sat down, learned myself some VERY basic HTML and CSS, and made a website. I’m super duper proud of that, even though I know it’s honestly the most simple website in the history of the world. What’s neat is that I actually made it, completely by hand, and it turned out exactly as I had planned. Yay! (P.S. I’m not trying to brag, just showing that you can seriously do anything you put your mind to!)

Anyway, that’s way too big of a buildup for the actual site, and now you’re going to go there and be like “What’s the big deal?” but I’ll still share it with you :)

From henceforth, we will keep our projects neatly arranged at: http://www.robnlauren.com


So go check it out, and explore our little world!

Hope everyone had a super lovely weekend! Looking forward to sharing some portraits with you this week!!

Lauren :)

Tihiro & Mike // Wedding Teaser

All right, so here’s a slightly larger teaser of our wedding from this past weekend! Tihiro and Mike were married beside a lake in the Okanagan valley. If you’ve never driven through that area of British Columbia, I highly recommend the experience. Even though it was a long 10 hours of driving from Edmonton, it was just so beautiful we found ourselves immensely enjoying just soaking in the scenery. 

There will be much more to come from this wedding, just wanted to share a few standouts!

We got up early on the wedding day and strolled around the area. As we stood beside these lilacs we watched a few huge butterflies and bumblebees come and go. Then a hummingbird showed up and it was crazy to watch it dart around. Very incredible creatures!


 One of Tihiro’s bridesmaids folded about a bazillion paper cranes for the wedding while on maternity leave. That will start to give you a sense of how incredibly kind every person at this wedding was.


 The setting was just unreal. In Edmonton we’re not really close to any major bodies of water, so being right on the edge of a lake was pretty fun for us!


 Tihiro’s bridesmaids were very involved in getting her ready for the day, doing her hair and makeup. So much friendship going on.


 Love this shot Rob got of Mike’s brother in the morning.


And Mike’s mom ironing his pants for him. :) 


 Did I mention how much love was flying around? It was amazing.


Check out the gorgeous ring pillow! So stunning. 


 And the ceremony location wasn’t half bad either ;)


 Yay! Married!!


 This bridal party gets top honors for being amazing. By this point the sun was out in it’s full glory, and it got hot! But they never once complained, and were just enjoying getting to stand beside Mike and Tihiro on their big day. Made my heart smile real big.


 Some gorgeous portraits of the gorgeous bride.


 And then super fun times with just these two! If you’ll notice, Mike is about 5 feet taller than Tihiro…ok, slight exaggeration. But she’s quite short, and he’s quite tall, and the two of them together are just ridiculously cute. I found myself grinning every time I’d see them standing side by side. 





 And a final shot of the pretty nifty building their reception was held in! Not too shabby.


Man, this is such a tiny glimpse at the beauty of their day! Can’t wait to share more! But for now I hope you enjoyed these! 

Lauren :)

Tihiro & Mike // Wedding

We drove 10 hours on Friday to be at the wedding of Tihiro and Mike. On Saturday we spent a beautiful day taking photos of them, their family and friends. Then on Sunday we drove 10 hours back. It was a great weekend.

I’ll be trying to post more tomorrow, but for now I just couldn’t help but share this frame that Rob made. I really dig it.


 Hope you all had a stellar weekend!

Jocelyn & Chris // Portraits

A few lovely portraits for you today! Rob and I are actually off to Kelowna for the weekend to shoot a wedding, and we’re crazy excited! So we’re going to tide you over with these super cute images until we return! Make sure to check back in on Monday for some sneakies of the wedding!

For now, I happily present Jocelyn and Chris. Two very very gorgeous people inside and out, that we feel super lucky to have met and photographed! 











 The following are the shots Rob took with his 4x5 camera. 




 Have a great weekend everyone!

Upcoming Interview with Get Totally Rad!


 It was quite a surprising moment when I received an email from Kristen, Minister of Muggle Relations at Totally Rad Actions. (Yes. That’s her official title. What?) If you’re a photographer I’m quite sure you’ve heard of Totally Rad Actions, as they are probably the most popular actions of all time. I use A Better Web Sharpen on every single image I ever put online. Doug knows what he’s doing. 

Anyway, somehow she heard about the two of us up here in the frozen north, and wanted to interview us. I’m still not quite sure what possessed her to contact us, but we couldn’t be more honoured!

As I’m fairly known for talking a LOT I’ve given Rob carte blanche to use whatever means necessary to physically stop me from speaking if I start to embarrass myself. But we all know he won’t be able to completely stop me ;)

So this Thursday, June 3, at noon MST we will be chatting with her for an hour! EEP! That’s an awful lot of time for me to make a fool of myself, so I encourage you to tune in and get your chuckles in for the day! At least I think you can tune in?

The link for the interview is here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gettotallyrad/2010/06/03/interview-rob-lauren

Don’t worry if you miss it though, or can’t tune in live. You’ll be able to listen at any time and there will be a little post about it on the Totally Rad blog! Woo woo!

The Wiens Family // Portraits

I hardly know how to write this post. This whole experience has been incredible for us, and filled us up with so much love. I suppose I’ll start at the beginning, and see how things unfold :)

Just over a month ago I received an email from Tesa, a photographer from Rocky Mountain House. She had a request of us, and one that I imagine was a bit scary to write. She knew of an incredible family who desperately needed family portraits, but could not afford them.  So she asked if we would be willing to shoot them for free.

You might wonder what I mean when I say they desperately needed portraits. Well, this beautiful family is going through a very difficult struggle right now. Kortlandt, a energetic and happy 5 year old boy, is fighting for his life. They don’t know how much time he has left. And yet they didn’t have a family portrait of all of them together. 

We immediately agreed. This profession of ours is unique in that we can give something very meaningful to others by simply being present and pressing a button. There is clearly so much more to it, but when you boil it down it takes so little from us to do so much for someone else. We were thrilled that Tesa contacted us and gave us such a wonderful opportunity to help.

So we were introduced to Patty Wiens, the mother of Kortlandt. She and I corresponded for a month, setting up details, and just chatting about the session. She took some time to write a short bio of each of her 7 children. It’s amazing how much you can learn about someone just by paying attention to how and what they write. Patty clearly was full of love for her little ones. We were so excited to meet each and every one of them, and see those distinct personalities that Patty has described.

Finally the day came when we were scheduled to shoot. Lionel, the father, and half the kids had driven all the way from their home in Saskatoon for the occasion. And of course, it just happened to be when Edmonton was experiencing some very ugly weather. It was cold and rainy, and downright unpleasant outside. But that didn’t stop a single person from smiling, having fun, showing love to their family, and just enjoying being together.

So here is the wonderful Wiens family. I hope you enjoy the images, and can see just how much love and happiness there is here, despite all the hard roads they’ve been down together.


And this is Kortlandt. 


Luckily his best friend, Terrell, was able to join us for the session as well. These two met at Ronald MacDonald House, where Patty and the kids have been staying for a long time as Kortlandt has treatment at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. We were so glad to be able to capture these two strong boys together.


All those kids, just being kids. The way I like it.


And a last image of Kortlandt and his brothers.


We want to thank a few people here, if you’ll indulge us.

Firstly, the Wiens family for letting us into their world and showing us their strength and love. You inspire us so much. 

Secondly, Tesa, for contacting us in the first place, and being such an amazing friend to the Wiens.

And a huge thank you goes to Ronald MacDonald House. Their tagline says it best: Giving sick children what they need most…their families. If you feel inclined, here is a link to donate to this amazing organization

On that note, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and make sure to spend some time with the people you love.

Lauren :)

Shirmee & Sunil // Teaser

We got to hang out with these two over the long weekend, and goodness it was a great time! The fact that Edmonton was threatening snow certainly wasn’t going to stop the fun. And some actual rain did nothing to dampen our spirits! Their wedding is coming up in a few short weeks and we couldn’t be more stoked! 

Here are a couple quick teasers, more to come!


 She’s Starbucks. He’s Tim Hortons. They still like each other. I like that. 




 Lauren :)

Marcela, Arron & Ginger // Portraits

I’ve been dying to share these images ever since the day we shot them! These two showed up to our shoot looking incredible, and were so wonderful to just spend time with! Add to that the fact that we had some really really crazy light, and a super cool location, and it was just a pleasure to photograph them. Hope you enjoy the results! Make sure to leave these two some comment love :)


On this shoot Rob used a total of 4 different cameras. A 5D (digital), a 4x5 large format film camera, a Holga, and a Fuji Instax. Here is some of his film work!

Holga on Fuji Neopan 400


Fuji Instax


 Large format 4x5 on Ilford FP4+ 125