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A Different Kind of Portrait Session

Our portrait sessions are a bit different. After shooting hundreds of people in our careers, we’ve learned a few things. About what makes people wonderful, and the kind of photos that really capture that. We have created a session that is focused on creating the absolutely best work we can, just for you.

First off, we get to know you. What you love, what makes you happy, and who fills you heart up to the brim. We spend time planning the perfect session that will capture all your amazingness. When the session rolls around we’ll be so excited to finally meet you, and create some awesome photos together!

Our sessions are anything but boring. They’re all about having fun! No cheesy smiles or stiff poses. Our job is to make sure you are enjoying being together. That’s when the magic happens, and photos that really make you feel something can be created.

Because that’s what we’re looking to do. We’re not just trying to get that one standard shot of everyone looking pretty at the camera. You’re made up of so much more than that and photography can bring all those little moments and beautiful details to life. Like the way you hold hands, the crooked smile that you just love, the freckles on your kiddo’s nose, or the sun in their hair, that goofy face that makes you crack up laughing, and the way you snuggle in so tight. 

That’s what we want to capture for you. So you can remember those details forever.

If that sounds like the kind of photos you’d dig, then drop us a line and we’ll send you more info on what we can create for you.  We would love to chat about creating some happy portraits of the people you love!!

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